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The DART that missed

April 21st, 2009

First, thanks for all the DART train distraction ideas. You are truly helpful, internets!

However, after last nights ordeal, maybe I shouldn’t be distracted while riding the DART train.

If you follow me on on twitter (@jstueve) you already know this story. So skip down and hit the comments to let me know that you know how completely daft I am, thanks.

So last night I was waiting to take the DART train back up to Plano. We had the normal meet & greet with tummy Hyatt munchies, and I had one beer, which didn’t effect my judgement at all!

I walked through the undgeound tunnel from the Hyatt to Union Station, and had to wait for the TRE to leave before I could get to the right side of the tracks. I waited a couple of minutes, then hopped on the first train, found my seat, and zoned, reading twitter and facebook updates. About 40 minutes later I lifted up my head, and saw the sign for the stop




Raasafrassa. Got off, got on a southbound Blue Line back to Mockingbird Station, then squeezed myself into the stairwell between two gangstas on a Northbound Red Line train. Forty minutes later arrived in Plano. What was normally a 40 minute ride took almost two hours.

So yeah. Me == Dork

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