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LOST – The Variable preview

April 29th, 2009

Big 100th LOST episode tonight (if the big O doesn’t talk to much, and give the other talking heads time to repeat the words he utters and gush about what a great Pres we’s gots – so put a DVR buffer at the end of the hour, just incase)

The Variable will be a Daniel Faraday centric episode, which falls on the heels of the Miles centric Some Like it Hoth episode of two weeks ago.  Nice to see some love for the Freight-ies in the story telling, anything to not reincarnate Nikki and Paulo.

We’ve got some threads to tie up in these last few episodes of this season before we go into hibernation until January. (srsly, January?!)  Some of the things to remember going into tonight and then building to the finale called The Incident (anyone that digested the Hatch Map in the swan station during Lockdown will recall the importance of that phrase:

  • Danny’s been absent from the disco-era group since Jack et al made it back.
  • Danny had an out of time sequence feature in the opening scene for this season after Pierre Chang told the one worker not to dig any further near the Frozen Donkey Wheel.  Where does that fit into the timeline as we know it?  Already happened? Yet to come?
  • The Lockdown map has the time of the Incident as 1985 (will we have another time jump to get from ‘77 to ‘85.
  • CORRECTION: The Swan orientation was copyrighted 1980 and referred to the incident and need to press the button, so there was indeed an incident in this time frame the blastdoor map is referring to another incident in 85.
  • Faraday and time loops generally go together, some are hinting at some resolution between Faraday and his mother Eloise.
  • We still don’t know what prompted Hurley to get to the Ajira plane on time (that should be played out in the finale, unless we’ll be treated to a Hurley centric episode)
  • The ‘what lies beneath the shadow of the statue’ group’s identity needs to be firmed up, who are Illana and Bram aligned with?  Not Ben or Widmore, who else are players in the game?
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