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WFTB – S1E4 – Walkabout – tweecap

May 21st, 2009


Walkabout is the fourth hour of LOST’s opening season. For myself and many this episode was the hook that caught us up in the unfolding mystery of the island (or trapped us in Jacob’s net).  The plot focuses on John Locke both on an island quest for wild boar (need to keep Hurley fed) and his pre-island life and what led up to him being on Oceanic flight 815.

We started the Live Tweet a little late, but it was well attended and had some great conversations.

In attendance: @LOST_WFTB @batchout @ASHATL @justinkeyes @Model_Melissa @Molly_Faraday @DieCer @ccollinsmith

I’m going to break this up by scenes, as I started watching the show at the beginning.  Some people watched it first then joined the live tweet, so I’ll try and combine the threads into a true twee-cap along with the context of the show. Click more to continue.

The opening frame was a classic Lost eye shot, this time it’s Locke’s eye, and we find him on the beach immediately after the crash.  He’s a bit disoriented. I commented later, but it also applies to this scene:

LOST_WFTB: They hid so many things in plain site in this episode

ccollinsmith: It’s amazing what you see when you know what we know now.

ASHATL: amazing how many clues about Locke’s condition that I missed when 1st time watching

ASHATL: To think that here we got the start of so many different story lines and that some were finished on season 5…others still not!

Moving on from the crash scene, its night and Locke is hearing Vincent barking. His  barking awakens other survivors and they hear something rummaging around the destroyed fuselage.

The find out it’s a pair of wild boar that are feeding in the wreckage, Charlie falls down, and Jack rescues him .. again.  Locke eyes gleam as he recognizes the wild boars for what they are.

ASHATL: Charlie almost dead there…lost count of how many times he almost went bye bye

ccollinsmith: Jack assumes Sawyer’s rooting in the fuselage, but notice Sawyer is right in there helping w/flashlight. Jack, Sawyer, Kate head in.

LOST_WFTB: Jack, “Where’s Sawyer” – Sawyer, “Right behind you, Jackass.” rofl ASHATL: that ‘s funny right there,

Jack is treating Charlie’s wound, while talking to Kate and Sayid about what to do with the people/bodies still in the fuselage. They decide to turn the fuselage into a furnace by loading it up with wood.

The next morning, Sayid’s still messing with the transceiver and Kate walks up to discuss the signal and what’s been powering it up for the last 16 years.

Model_Melissa: Dude me too. RT @ASHATL I head that producers where thinking about making Kate & Said a couple. Glad they didn’t

Meanwhile the main cast members have subjected the extras into hauling firewood.  Sawyer and Hurley are fighting over food.

LOST_WFTB: Hot Blue Shirt Girl!

ASHATL: Anyone noticed that woman with the blue stripe shirt (half shirt) behind Capitan American? Yeah log carrier guys!

MollyFaraday: sawyer calls boone metro, then jack comes in looking like fred from scoobydoo

There is no food left over. Sayid calms the frantic extras by stating that the island is full of sustenance. Sawyer flops down in a scavenged seat complaining its a hard thing to find, and would rather read a book, I reckon. When *swooosh-pluunnnggg* A knife embeds itself into the seat beside him. Locke threw it ,and says, “We hunt.” Locke gives a doctoral dissertation on wild boars, that habits and tactics in hunting all while showing off his collection of shiny knives.  A classic scene, here what was tweeted:

ASHATL: 250lb rat..yum!

ASHATL: we hunt y’all we hunt

ASHATL: wondering into the magic forest to hunt a bag of ham with little bitty knife. Geez, that was priceless

ASHATL: For someone who did not know how to hunt birds, Locke sure knows a lot about hunting. He did prepare for his walkabout

justinkeyes: That scene with the knife never gets old. Reminds me of a great scene from #NewsRadio.

LOST_WFTB: thoughts of ‘*snort* that’s not a knife, THIS is a knife” or box of knives

ccollinsmith: I love the scene with the knives. Hits next to Sawyer. “We hunt.” Then everybody is like: “Who IS this dude?” Epic.

Flashback to John “Colonel” Locke on the phone talking clandestine meet up with GL12. An image that quickly crushed by his boss Randy stopping by to hound Locke for the TPS reports. We loved the office scene too.

Model_Melissa: #s1e4 anyone notice how much Locke’s calculator sounded like the smoke monster?

LOST_WFTB: Randy… Locke’s Boss at the Box Factory and was the TPS reports a shoutout to Office Space?

LOST_WFTB: wish they would’ve put a red stapler on Locke’s desk.

MollyFaraday: #s1e4 randy is suuuch a jerk….. and yes, the calc does sound like smokey

ASHATL: So calculator Smokie noise #s1e4 plus half circle shot of Locke with Smokie noise from last episode,means Locke = Smokie’s friend?

Kate is going boar hunting, and Jack wonders why Kate heading into the heart of darkness (great comic by the way).  Kate tell Jack about Sayid’s funky triangulation plan, while stating she’s a vegetarian.  While Michael plays charades with Sun, asking her to watch Walt while he goes to play hunt the razorback with Locke.

MollyFaraday: #s1e4 I love Sun giving the “a-ok” lol

justinkeyes: I love all the clues they left that Sun understands english.

Clair talks to Jack about the passengers belongings and remembering the deceased.  She wants to do a memorial service or something, which Jack would lead.  Jack isn’t comfortable with that, so Clair steps up and volunteers.

ccollinsmith: I love that interaction with Jack and Claire. They have no idea… and at this point neither do we… revelation isn’t till s4.

Shannon and Boone (aka Captain America) talk about how Rose seems forlorn.

justinkeyes: Aw, a few years later, Boone and Captain America are both dead…

They have a continuing discussion about Shannon’s survivability factor… which leads to Shannon boondoggling Charlie (mid heroin snort) into a fishing trip, wherein Charlie fishes, and Shannon lies out in her bikini. Charlie sees this as win-win and agrees.

batchout: #Lost #s1e4 Charlie is “twitchy” geez, wonder why? H. his charm is trying to shine through

Boone meanwhile tells Jack about Rose’s depression.  So Jack heads over for a pow-wow.  Remember Rose say next to jack on the plane, and Jack gave her CPR after telling Captain America he was doing it wrong.

justinkeyes: Boone really seems worried about Rose. Interesting.

@justinkeyes … now he’s worried about her because he thinks she lost Bernard, the man he’s going to contact later.

LOST_WFTB: Remember he was the one trying to give her CPR in pilot.

justinkeyes: This is the first episode where we can see the role of leader weighing on Jack.

ASHATL: Yes I agree, which seems over the top to me

justinkeyes: @ASHATL I think it fits, though. Jack was forced into the role, but he never wanted it. Remember, he was in bad shape pre-crash.

On the jungle hunt, Locke, Michael and Kate find a fresh wild boar train and follow it. Michael gets confused by Locke’s Aaaarmy training hand signals and makes a noise which bring the boar in the bush running, and it gores Michael in the thigh. Kate give Michael first aid.

LOST_WFTB: Michael, “Quit giving us the steal signal” – Hog: Squeeaaalllll mows over Michael.

ASHATL: hey guys, do you think that the Boar was Walt’s fault, like rain on first episode and his mom’s death?

Back at the office, Locke is playing wargames at lunch, and sticks around for more jibes from his boss Randy.

batchout: #LOST #s1e4 Randy Nations: “On Foot?” LOL

MollyFaraday: #s1e4 First speak of Destiny

LOST_WFTB: Walkabout – is a journey of spiritual renewal where one derives strength from the earth and becomes inseparable from it. Locke

LOST_WFTB: Don’t Tell me what I can’t do – first utterance.

Quickly back at the crash scene between Pig and Michael, Locke is dazed, and ignoring the medical drama unfolding before him (thank you, we have enough medical dramas on TV), marches off to the jungle to find the pig, echoing the refrain of, “Don’t tell me what I can’t Do.”

ASHATL: Locke has crazy eyes!

Hurley and Charlie fishing using a wreckage fashioned spear.  One of many Charlie-Hurley buddies for life scenes that are so endearing.


justinkeyes: Loved the Charlie/Hurley fishing scene!

Claire’s still rummaging through peoples things, and finds something that belongs to Sayid.  Photos of a beautiful woman. Sayid is lost in thought.

Rose is silent, then later opens up about her husband’s fingers swell, which is why she’s wearing his wedding ring around her neck.  Rose releases Jack from his promise that he’d keep her company until her husband comes back from the head in the tail section of the plane.

ASHATL: This is the first time Jack is told that he is off the hook…first we hear. Wondering if Rose expected Bernie to = Moses later 🙂

Locke is hunting, and recalls tell a girl on the phone, Helen about his heroic telling off of Randy. As the conversation continues we find out that Helen is a phone operator (sex? psychic?) that Locke’s been chatting with for 8 months.

ASHATL: Locke didn’t really tell his boss off as he stated on the call with the fake Hellen..did he?

ASHATL: Watching the scene with Locke/Fake Hellen to see if anything looks like Smokie-ish

ccollinsmith: @Model_Melissa The Locke/destiny stuff is kind of painful to watch after all that we know now.

Kate climbs a tree to position Sayid’s triangulation antenna up in the branches, while up there she see’s the Monster heading straight to where Locke is foraging for boar.  Cut to Locke chasing a pig, then watching something HUGE in the bushes and he comes eye to eye with it, emotions criss-crossing his face.

LOST_WFTB: This always got me.. Smokey sounds, but no smoke. just hadn’t gotten the CGI budget in?

ASHATL: starting to think that there are two sides (Jacob Esau) and two smokies, one light one dark. Does smokie says Who are you to Locke?

LOST_WFTB: They certainly are laying some hints that Smokey has Locke’s number

LOST_WFTB: yeah @ASHATL I’ve thought similar. And after the Lockian Monster encounter, Jack gets a glimpse of his Dad.

ccollinsmith: Like idea of 2 smokies. light smokie – “who are you?” / dark smokie – “what do you want?” perhaps? (are you thinking b5 //s ? i am).

At the crash site, Sawyer shows he human and returns some personal items he found in the fuselage.  Kate and Michael return sans Locke. Which no one wants to talk about.  Boone and Shannon discuss the food prospects now that Locke is toast, while Charlie returns with a nice fat fish for Shannon.

MollyFaraday: #s1e4 Aww Sawyer has some decency! Claire and that random extra so totally checked him out hahaha

justinkeyes: Poor Charlie!

Jack is telling Rose about the memorial, trying to help her find closure with the apparent death of her husband. Rose ain’t buying it. Jack sees a guy in a nice suit then doesn’t see it.

justinkeyes: Love Rose knowing that Bernard wasn’t dead! And… enter Christian.

ASHATL: When I head Rose saying: they are probably thinking the same abt us…NEVER imagined possible.

ccollinsmith: Flip’d my head around 1stX.

MollyFaraday: #s1e4 ohman I looooove Christian. And his sweet white shoes.

ASHATL: Specially now that we know why these shoes!

Kate returns the busted radio thingy to Sayid. Sayid is frustrated. Kate encourages. Jack interrupts, and asks about the happy hunting trip, Kate says Locke was gone, that he’d been attacked by the same creature that got the pilot.

justinkeyes: Kate: “Locke’s gone.” Not quite yet.

Jack sees the same guy in suit and white shoes and mid conversation chases after him, running in to the bushes, they run into Locke bloodied but alive and dragging a dead boar.

@Model_Melissa: #s1e4 in goes Christian Shepherd, out comes John Locke. It’s becoming a recurring theme.

ASHATL: was thinking same

ASHATL: So back up a bit. Jack with Rose = sees Christian. Jack sees Christian, follows it and = Locke is there. Hummm

Claire is reading off people’s belongings and have some interesting things in the comments.

ccollinsmith: Classic. Funny, yet poignant somehow. RT @justinkeyes I love the memorial scene with Claire! “She wore corrective lenses.”

Claire’s eulogy Included this nugget if you listen really closely: “Had a video store receipt that included overdue charges for Willy Wonka” that prompted this stream in the tweets:

LOST_WFTB: Overdue Charges of Willy Wonka — that’s what we need a Willy Wonka theory

ccollinsmith: Anybody up for a Willy Wonka theory? LOL!!!

batchout: #Lost #s1e4 Willy Wonka used Golden Tickets to recruit/test people for his secret organization, The Island used Richard Alpert

batchout: #Lost #s1e4 Willy Wonka eliminates contestants one-by-one to find a new leader, The Island uses various tests (Smokey) to thin the good herd

ccollinsmith: Whoa. Looks like @batchout really IS up for a Willy Wonka theory. Nice job!

batchout: #Lost #s1e4 Willy Wonka eliminates contestants one-by-one to find a new Leader / The Island uses Smokey’s judgement for gradual elimination!

As they continue the ceremony, cuts to Charlie getting his heroin fix, Jack sitting alone away from the group, and Michael and Locke talking about the hunt and the monster. Locke doesn’t admit to seeing the monster.

Cut to Locke in Australia arguing with the Walkabout tour guide about that Locke can’t goon the walkabout.  At the end the camera pulls back and it reveals Locke in a wheelchair, repeating ‘destiny’ and ‘don’t tell me what I can’t do’.  Then cuts back to the crash, and reveal that somehow crashing on the Island has restore Locke’s use of his legs.  A tragedy has become a miracle.  As we listen to the great score by Michael G.

LOST_WFTB: The wheelchair was such a SHOCK the first time.

justinkeyes: Locke’s Theme: Michael Giacchino “Locke’d Out Again” ? http://twt.fm/123472

Back to the wreckage, outlined in the wreckage is Locke’s wheelchair, and a cryptic smile creases his lips.

That was it, I hope you all enjoyed the live tweet as much as I did.  Tell me what you think of this format in the comments.  Recap and adding tweets took almost 2 hours, not sure if I can commit to that each week.

Check out the LOST_WFTB section at LostBlog.com, #WTFB on Twitter and now the Facebook WFTB group.

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