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WFTB – S1E5 – White Rabbit – Twee-cap

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White Rabbit is a Jack centric episode, that tell two stories.  The first is about his relationship with his father and the second it about his relationship with his father. Bah! Well kinda.  The flashbacks flip back to Jack as a kid, and continue to his getting on the plane in Sydney with his father in a coffin.  On Island Jack is feeling the pressure of being the leader, and not sleeping very well, and still haunted by the death of his father.  The survivors are caught up in the quest for drinking water, and it all starts going Lord of the Flies until the ending scene.

Last night’s Live Tweet was well attended, but we had some technical difficulties.  Twitter search went down about an hour before our viewing started, then didn’t come back up until after the viewing ended.  This pretty much left us using the All Friend Feed to follow the conversation, rather than being able to rely on the #s1e5 hash tag in search to filter out non-live watchers.  I made a PDF of mine to use as a transcript of the live tweet.  You can read the whole thing here. S1E5 WhiteRabbit LiveTweet Transcript

One WFTBer, MollyFaraday escaped the curse of the broken search by live tweeting the episode early, so you can see her thoughts here.

The rest of the Live Tweeters were: @LOST_WFTB, @ccollinsmith, @batchout, @DieCer, @KatGirl44, @ASHATL, @kristin_madeja, @justinkeyes, @bejaedblost

This time I asked for some summary tweets in #LOST140 format, but I didn’t get a lot of those.  So I’m gonna write a re-cap, then add some of the tweets at the end.  Read the transcripts.

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