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WFTB – Week one puzzle

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We all had a good time watching the first 5 episodes over this past week.  This morning I was inspired by a fellow tweeter to mix it up a bit and add some fun to this challenge of our to watch the whole thing.  It’s supposed to be fun.  So here is a simple little puzzle for you.

The following six screencaps (label them A-F left to right top to bottom) are from S1E4 – Walkabout.  The challenge is to put them in the correct order.

This is a two part question:

  1. Label them in the order they appeared in the episode (HINT: screen cap D was the first to appear so that would be D1)
  2. Label them in the order they occured in the larger time line (HINT in this case D3)

Send me your answers in a twitter DM (d LOST_WFTB).

Locke156 Locke467Locke971
Locke722 Locke276 Locke231

Also in the comments or tweet anything special you see in the screen caps.  For instance Screen cap E has something hiding in plain site that gives away Locke’s condition before the final scene in the sequence shown below the fold.

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