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Vacationing at the Hatch

June 8th, 2009 3 comments

For those not following my @LOST_WFTB twitterfeed, we’ve shifted to an undisclosed location for a little vacay.  So when we got here, I got setup to work from our vacation hut (aka Grandpa and Auntie’s house.

It’s TOTALLY AWESOME.  It’s a HATCH… I need some Dharma labels to trick it out, but here are some photos for a tour. (click to embiggify)


View from my workstation.  Note the concrete construction and eerie lighting. I haven’t noticed any magnetic anomalies, but that’s cuz Locke stole my compass. 




Here is a view out the back entrance of the hatch.  Note the black shirted others.  They may be aligned with Smokie.  Investigating.





Around the corner are shelves full of provisions! I’m not gonna tell Hurley about this, or he’ll tell Dave, and once Dave knows, EVERYONE will know.





This is my computer setup, dual screen greatness.  Note the VPN FOB above the keyboard this is important to be able to periodically punch in the numbers to communicate with Mittelos while on wokring vacay.




Here is an alternate shot looking back at my workspace.  The others stopped by to watch a movie, but I chased them out so I could do the important work of saving the world, brutha. An upgrade from Super8, I think I may do my re-watching from that chair.




The hatch even has an exercise station.  I had to chase this other off of it, incase he hurt himself, I haven’t found the first aid-kit yet.  I haven’t found the armory either, but I’ll be sure to change the combination one I find it to keep the others out.


Namaste and 4 8 15 16 23 42

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WFTB v. Lost Rewatch – My thoughts.

June 5th, 2009 1 comment

First and foremost, the goal is the same, Re-watch (or watch for the first time) all episodes of LOST, sequentially before the beginning of season 6.

That is what we’re both trying to do, and I’m going to continue to do my best to promote not only LOST (aka the greatest tv show evah!) and re-watching efforts.

lost_wftb_80 We started early, admittedly off the cuff (read the first post of this series). We focused on a twitter based live tweeting experience and that has been our strongest point.


Lost Rewatch seems to be blog and message board based with some of the biggest and best LOST blogs/sites/wikis participating and promoting. Here’s a sample list from one of the participating sites: “A bunch of Lost bloggers, including Doc Artz and Friends, JOpinionated, Sledgeweb and the Lostpedia Blog

I think it’s entirely possible to do both, if you have the time, and inclination.  Join us for a  LOST_WFTB Live TweetUp, and then you’ll be more than prepared when Lost Rewatch watches the same episode two weeks later. (For instance, this week their re-watching episodes 1-4, while we live tweeted episode 9-11.)

I don’t think its a competition.  I’m not treating it as a competition.  The point is to enjoy LOST.

So do. Enjoy. Lost.

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miscellaneous musings

June 4th, 2009 Comments off

Earlier this morning we had a few WFTB tweeps had a  Twittersation about Season 5 stuff.  Click more to read the tweets, and comment in the comments.  All comments are welcome, except spam which will be placed where there is gnashing of teeth.
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RFC – LOST Shipping lanes

June 4th, 2009 2 comments

For all you non-nerds, RFC means Request For Comment.

Which leads me to a confession.  I’m a 41 year old father of four.  I have degrees in Computer Science (B.S.) and Information Technology Management (M.S.).  I spent nine years in the Navy.  With that back ground, I’m an expert at acronyms.  I totally get those.

image My problem is, I have two teenage daughters (okay, really one is 12, but still she ACTS all teenagerey) that are starting down the path to adulthood.  Since starting WFTB I’ve noticed a few of my followers are of the same species of my daughters (teenaged girls).  I’ve also noticed that they talk with a weird coded language at times and I need help.  Please my role as a respected father is in your hands!

I need a crash course on Shipping, and by that I mean relationshipping. Namely how this whole shipping referencing works.  You know, so I can be down with it, when I banter with my girls.

I get some references (Jate = Jack + Kate), but is there a rule or do you just make it up?  Conventions? Does the male come first? (Sake = Sawyer + Kate??!)

If I try that with Jin and Sun: Ji(n) + (Su)n = Jin

That’s not really unique, should it be Jiun?

Rose and Bernard (Ronard? Bese? Bernase?)

What about Sawyer and Juliette? Sawette? Julyer?

Jack and Juliette? Jatte? Julck?


Help me out here folks, quick!  Summer is here, and I’ll be spending time on the road with my daughters and I’ve gotta be able to relate!

Help me out in the comments.

Disclaimer:  The above was written by a member of Team Edward – don’t hate.

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John Locke black, white, or just an easy pawn

June 2nd, 2009 1 comment

LOST 005 As part of the re-watching experience, one of the fascinating things to examine is the role of John Locke in the epic battle being waged.  In the first few episodes, John Locke is portrayed as a mystical guru that is in tune with the island.  He saves Jack from certain death falling off a cliff, coaches him towards leadership of the survivors.  He sees Charlie’s battle with heroin addiction, and gives an impassioned speech about how the struggle makes one stronger like a moth coming out of a cocoon. Then we see a darker side of Locke, encouraging Sayid to torture Sawyer, indicting Sawyer as the saboteur of Sayid’s triangulation experiment.

Re-watching just shows how morally ambiguous they have portrayed Locke from the beginning.  The episode Walkabout is revealing.  Locke’s pre-island paralysis is hidden in plain site for all of the flashbacks, his ability to walk miraculous, his determination to become the hunter of the group fulfilling his preparation for a walkabout.  The lead up to the final memorial scene is interesting.  Just a few hours before, John Locke came face to face with the smoke monster.  Then Jack sees his father disappear into a clearing, and after chasing after the white rabbit, finds Locke emerge from the brush covered with blood, hauling a dead boar.

There are several theories on the role of Locke, who is influencing him? How early?  Is he dead from the beginning?  Was he scanned by Smokie but allowed to live?  Did he die from the first encounter and is possessed by Esau?

Here is a place to discuss and talk about the role/character of Locke. I think he is the key, not only in the struggle between Blackshirt(Esau) and Jacob. Let’s hear your theories.

The Twitter conversation that sparked this post is below the fold.

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