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John Locke black, white, or just an easy pawn

June 2nd, 2009

LOST 005 As part of the re-watching experience, one of the fascinating things to examine is the role of John Locke in the epic battle being waged.  In the first few episodes, John Locke is portrayed as a mystical guru that is in tune with the island.  He saves Jack from certain death falling off a cliff, coaches him towards leadership of the survivors.  He sees Charlie’s battle with heroin addiction, and gives an impassioned speech about how the struggle makes one stronger like a moth coming out of a cocoon. Then we see a darker side of Locke, encouraging Sayid to torture Sawyer, indicting Sawyer as the saboteur of Sayid’s triangulation experiment.

Re-watching just shows how morally ambiguous they have portrayed Locke from the beginning.  The episode Walkabout is revealing.  Locke’s pre-island paralysis is hidden in plain site for all of the flashbacks, his ability to walk miraculous, his determination to become the hunter of the group fulfilling his preparation for a walkabout.  The lead up to the final memorial scene is interesting.  Just a few hours before, John Locke came face to face with the smoke monster.  Then Jack sees his father disappear into a clearing, and after chasing after the white rabbit, finds Locke emerge from the brush covered with blood, hauling a dead boar.

There are several theories on the role of Locke, who is influencing him? How early?  Is he dead from the beginning?  Was he scanned by Smokie but allowed to live?  Did he die from the first encounter and is possessed by Esau?

Here is a place to discuss and talk about the role/character of Locke. I think he is the key, not only in the struggle between Blackshirt(Esau) and Jacob. Let’s hear your theories.

The Twitter conversation that sparked this post is below the fold.

ZachsMind: @ASHATL My theory kinda breaks down with eps like LockDown, but I think Blackie inhabits Locke from the 7 story fall onward.

ASHATL: @ZachsMind IMO Locke = Black/Esau since S1E1. I also think there are two smokies and he meets both. Second meet gets him out of sync…

ASHATL: @ZachsMind…and makes Locke a wimp during S2. The first meeting btw Locke/Smokie was “beautiful” the second meeting scary. That’s my theory

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL I don’t think BS=Locke until after Locke dies and returns. I think Locke is influenced by dark and white forces which explains …

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL (cont) his double-mindedness. In the end Locke gets duped by Christian, whose side is still ambiguous. Locke is a pawn of both.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB good points, but how do you explain the smokie noise on s1e2 (Pilot part 2)? On Claire’s episode he also seems way too strange..

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB (cont) I am just waiting for Locke’s 2nd meet w Smokie 2C if my theory holds. IMO Locke & Jack in diff. sides & Locke no good 🙁

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL Locke is more susceptible to manipulation, while Jack (until S5) isn’t. All the survivors can be influenced by white/dark.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL (cont) my opinion Jacob allows for more ‘free will’ in his manipulations, while BS is more upfront.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL for instance Locke to Charlie — allowing his choice (white). Locke to Sayid re: Sawyer torture — manipulative (black).

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB Let’s not forget that Locke is the loophole for Esau’s return and that ALL his “specialness” has to do w what HE says to Richard.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB Charlie got off drugs becase he was needed to swim down to TLG station. It is Locke’s manipulation alright, of others that is.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB (cont) just look at these few episodes. Locke is ALL over what happens. Placing peeps in the “right” path. Colonel Locke alright

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL Part of the loophole required that BOTH DeadLocke and Ben are at the same time, DeadLocke needed for Esau to mimic. Ben to kill.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL So Both Ben AND Locke needed to jump off the island. As part of a long con, Jacob might allow or influence that move…

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL (cont) to also position his players to change the direction (i.e. They’re coming), and end up out-trumping the loophole.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL the Locke/Charlie dynamic is long running, especially after Claire kicks out Charlie, and Charlie goes to Eko for advice. (S2)

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB I just think that the manipulation started way back when Locke died the 1st time, not the 2nd. Locke=Esau HE is the 1 manuplating

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL When did Locke die the first time? You mean that Smokie got him in Ep4?

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL I see your point IF he died. But I don’t think he did. I think Locke (also touched by Jacob pre-crash) is just too easy a pawn.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL both sides play him like a fiddle, and white allows some moves to go, to provide an illusion. The Long Con ending with a bait/switch

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB If you think of Lost as an epic battle of G vs E, then U hav to look @ the whole story as part of this war. Peeps got ply’d &…

ASHATL: …peeps are being placed at the right position like a chess game. I don’t C Locke anymore, but Esau instead. that is how I C Locke #WFTB.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB if this was the case, Locke would be surprised w his *accomplishment* while dead. Guy has done more dead than alive LOL

scott_welch: RT @ASHATL @LOST_WFTB if this was the case, Locke would be surprised w his *accomplishment* while dead Guy has done more dead than alive LOL

LOST_WFTB: #LOST Jacob v. Esau? RT @scott_welch: studying Mark 5:14-20 contrasting Satan’s desire to deceive us and Jesus’ desire to rescue us.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB if it was bait/switch deal, why not use Charlie who would do anything 4 drugs or snatch Walt 4ever so Michael wld do the work 4U

ASHATL: @scott_welch don’t get that boy to wake up. He is doing so well…yeah, sarcams

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB @scott_welch now, that was clever right there.

scott_welch: @ASHATL I’m interested to see what happens if/when he does wake up! I can see it now, “I’m the real Locke”…”No, I am!” LOL

Model_Melissa: @ASHATL @LOST_WFTB I’m enjoying your conversation but feel like a stalker or something now

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL its a game of many moves, not a single one. I think they (principles) try to influence pretty much everyone at some point.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB this is not a single move though. Think about what it took to get Esau back and what an eye opener it is to watch S5 finale…

LOST_WFTB: LOL @ASHATL @Model_Melissa and @scott_welch I’m drafting a blog post to allow for more than 140. characters in this discussion.

scott_welch: @LOST_WFTB Great!!!

scott_welch: @LOST_WFTB but the big question: who is the deceiver and who is the rescuer? #lost

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB cont- many move of 1 story. Perhaps they were LOST bcs they R now being manipulated in a game. S5 fin told us this goes way back

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB or are you tapping on the floor saying uncle..uncle Oh noooo I didn’t go there :p

ASHATL: @Model_Melissa that’s was funny ;]

LOST_WFTB: Jacob’s allowance of choice seems brighter. BS view of chaos seems darker RT @scott_welch: who is the deceiver and who is the rescuer? #lost

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB perhaps I’m just trying hard 4 LOST 2B a show that at the end, we’ll look back & see all that happened in a whole diff perspect.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL Bah! I’ll never admit defeat! The moves in the game started at Black Rock. Many pawns have been disposed between then and now.

scott_welch: @LOST_WFTB and not to mention Richards latin answer to what lies under the shadow: the one who will save us

LOST_WFTB: Go at it… 🙂 RT @jstueve: New blog post: John Locke black, white, or just an easy pawn http://bit.ly/vAzXq

LOST_WFTB: @scott_welch yeah, I’m going down that road… hesitant only because Darlton are a couple of grifters.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB E & J were watching the Black Rock when we caught a glimpse of their already established conflict, my friend. :}

ASHATL: @scott_welch @LOST_WFTB OMG, now WHO lies under the shadow? is Locke’s dead body! Look back @ end S5,that’s where Alana & friends open crate

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL good point. Something to look at – Walt and Hurley’s on going game of backgammon. More than one game? or continuous single game?

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL *pppoossh* my mind just blew. Although I think that Richard was talking about Jacob, who lives there, that could be long con.

LOST_WFTB: @scott_welch @ASHATL l’m glad we don’t serve a trickster god. 🙂

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB exactly. Locke & Walt on S1E2: 2 sides, one game. Oldest game ever. Was Locke foretelling or forthtelling (what he already knew)

ASHATL: My brain is fried and I have LOST to thank…and @LOST_WFTB too 😛

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB yeah, but *what* a coincidence wink wink

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB and may I add, Jacob lived IN the statue. Then the question should have been, who lives in the statue…right?

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL that’s not very poetic now is it. *nods sagely*

scott_welch: @ASHATL that’s right! Jacob is UNDER the statue itself…not in the shadow of it. Is Locke “the one who will save us?”

ASHATL: @scott_welch perhaps the reason why things are *supposed to happen* is bcs Jacob is trying to fix what Esau is trying to do.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB @scott_welch Oh. Locke saying “I did everything U asked me to do” “this is not what’s supposed to happen” Has dff. meaning 2 me.

scott_welch: @ASHATL I think “who lies under the shadow” may in fact be a prophecy Richard only knew He who will save us. Locke may be the fulfillment

LOST_WFTB: I’http://bit.ly/KBDLV

LOST_WFTB: ugh. I’m gonna try to do the same thing we do for transcripts for this morning’s conv. http://bit.ly/wAdqU @ASHATL

Model_Melissa: I think Locke (at least his body) *lies* in the shadow of the statue. Jacob’s *in* it. @ASHATL and may I add, Jacob lived IN the statue.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB that looks great! I’ll stop tweeting so that U don’t have to update the blog again. We should’ve a vote:Locke white or black LOL

ASHATL: @Model_Melissa yep, I’m with y’a on this one.

ASHATL: to the relief of Losties & Others at Tweetersphere: I am going off to write articles for our magz. I will keep one eye on tweeter though 😀

LOST_WFTB: @scott_welch @ASHATL The role of Richard in this is confusing. Assume that BS influenced Ben then Richard is a bit complicit or a dupe too.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB @scott_welch to me, Richard was on Jacob’s side, but will soon find out that he was getting played by Esau. Ohboy here I am again

ASHATL: @jstueve ah…and yes, you forgot to mention that I was right about Lost too LOL

jstueve: @ASHATL I’ll wait until Season 6 starts up before I start issuing mea culpas. 😉

ASHATL: @jstueve and I will have to write “I am sorry, I was wrong” (hey Locke said that didn’t he?!) 100.0 times on the blackboard.

scott_welch: @ASHATL @LOST_WFTB the last scene of Richard in Season 5 shows Richard with the “I just got duped look”. can’t wait to find out!

LOST_WFTB: @PedanticBohemia right, I man how many times do we need a description of Charlie banging his head on the ceiling of the loo? 😉

scott_welch: @ASHATL @LOST_WFTB another thing, don’t forget about Smokey. We still don’t know for sure who/what he/she/it is 🙂

ASHATL: @scott_welch @LOST_WFTB humm I think we are on to something here…was it like the “you got ply’d”? I bet it was.

ASHATL: @scott_welch: no offense to other tweeps and fans of other things. No one is as fun to tweet with as #LOST fans//I agree!

LOST_WFTB: @scott_welch @ASHATL Rousseau says its a security system. I think it’s at first a scanner (Eko, Locke pos.) also does enforcement (Eko).

ASHATL: @scott_welch @LOST_WFTB let’s not forget Locke coming out of the jungle when Ben was waiting 4 Smok & how he disapeared when Alex showed up.

LOST_WFTB: @scott_welch @ASHATL I think it might do the bidding of the MiB, but not necessarily IS the MiB. Does Jacob has a similar pet?

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB @scott_welch perhaps it was scanning to find “the one” and oh look, it found it :}

scott_welch: @LOST_WFTB I agree with you. Smokey is not MiB but connected somehow. and what about Christian Shepherd? Connected to MiB also? or Jacob?

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB erh, what is MiB?

LOST_WFTB: MiB = Man in Black aka Esau aka Blackie

LOST_WFTB: @scott_welch my first guess was Christian was a player for Jacob. But then he basically made Locke go back. problematic?

LOST_WFTB: @scott_welch Though he also needed Locke to push the wheel to freeze his team in Dharma times, and setup the BCE timeline. (BCE dependant)

scott_welch: @ASHATL I also think Smokey uses/feeds off dead people. He always appears as dead people (ie Eko’s brother, Boone, Alex)

scott_welch: @ASHATL OK, I’m assuming that it was Smokey who appeared to Locke in his “spirit sauna” #LOST

LOST_WFTB: @scott_welch what about Walt? (appears to Shannon in jungle) or dream instances (Horace, Locke, etc..)

scott_welch: @LOST_WFTB at least I don’t lack things to think about until January #LOST

scott_welch: @LOST_WFTB yeah, Walt. My only answer is “Walt is special”

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB @scott_welch but Walt appeared in places he wasn’t supposed to so said the Others (3 minutes)

scott_welch: @LOST_WFTB @ASHATL and the “I see/hear dead people” Hurley and Miles may end up playing a big role in this as well

ASHATL: @scott_welch @LOST_WFTB I think Walt is 1 interesting story that the writers didn’t get to. He was probably supp. to be a link to Esau/Jacob

LOST_WFTB: Grand theory: Most manipulations are by MiB on the island, a more direct strategy. Jacob plays more 3 dimensional and nuanced, a long con.

ASHATL: @scott_welch @LOST_WFTB or they are characters conveniently written in so that they can explain to obsessed peeps like us what is going on.

scott_welch: @ASHATL but he made an appearance in Season 5, so I’m not sure they’re done with him #LOST

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB The truth is staring us right btwn the eyes.

scott_welch: @ASHATL @LOST_WFTB they are characters conveniently written in so that they can explain to obsessed peeps like us what is going on.// YUP!!

LOST_WFTB: perhaps the whole time shifting on and off was to allow for a much older Walt to play in the end game, alongside Desmond to save the day!

scott_welch: @LOST_WFTB @ASHATL Desmond and Walt, the caped crusaders!!!

ASHATL: @scott_welch I was disapointed with the way that was handled. Don’t think he will be back. I’ll change my mind if he shows up @ start of S6

ASHATL: @scott_welch: @LOST_WFTB @ASHATL Desmond and Walt, the caped crusaders!!!/Right on!

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB @scott_welch so following along the lines of our ongoing discussion, why did Locke press 77? Why do you think he blew up the sub?

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL @scott_welch Seems Locke’s whole raison d’etre has been to keep people on the island. Or to further isolate them from outside.

scott_welch: @ASHATL I think you are right that Locke obviously wants to keep people on the island, the big question is WHY.

ASHATL: @nyakototo @lost_WFTB @scott_welch and I had a looong tweetchat about our friend Locke this afternoon. We nearly fried our brains…

LOST_WFTB: *bzzztazzzz* bzzzzzttaaaaa BZzzzzttsss

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