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June 4th, 2009

Earlier this morning we had a few WFTB tweeps had a  Twittersation about Season 5 stuff.  Click more to read the tweets, and comment in the comments.  All comments are welcome, except spam which will be placed where there is gnashing of teeth.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB so do you know if UnLocke/Ben killed Jacob in current time or were they in 2004 ish, right after Alex was killed?

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB anyone who knows, can answer my last question by the way.

LOST_WFTB: RT @ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB so do you know when UnLocke/Ben killed Jacob ? -> They were with Ajiira so 2007 timeframe, not 2004 nor 1977

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB Just wondering why Eloise says 2 Ben”if they don’t get there…Godhelps us all” deal. Wondering what S5 finale has 2 do w that.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL well that’s a good question. and like Eloise and Charles relationship, it’s complicated. Depends on which side Ellie is on.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB Ok they left in 07, but did they arrive at the islnd in 07? anyevidence to that? Recall Charles/Locke chat abt time on/off islnd

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL Does she know that she’s sent them back to the past in an attempt to save her son, or because she knows it’s fate that she kill him.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB cause if they get there in 04, then Jacob would have been killed BEFORE he meets some of the Losties right? Like Sayid/Hurley

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL Her past comments to Desmond in FBYE place her more in the WHH camp, so then assume she knows she’s kills him and the events after.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB right, she didn’t seem sure of what would happen if ALL Losties didn’t return. Perhaps, she sort of entered 77 herself 🙂

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB humm still pondering…

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL Hmmm. At the Lighthouse station in LA in 2007, Eloise had already met, Jack, Kate and Sayid in 1977.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL Locke et al marching down the beach was in 2007, hooking back up with Richard’s followers.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL The Others (Richard groupies) had abandoned Dharmaville with Ben, and we’re back in the woods when Locke first time shifted.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL and it ended, all the LOSTies that were on 815 were on the Ajira flight. Except Aaron (who was in-utero).

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL Sun didn’t flash with the other 815ers. Ben a stow-away. And Illana/Bram et al hitched a ride. Who’s team are they? Chuck? Ellie?

ccollinsmith: @LOST_WFTB Ilana and Bram could just be Team Jacob. I’d say they’re definitely not Team Widmore. #LOST

LOST_WFTB: Agreed. By their own words. RT @ccollinsmith: Ilana and Bram could just be Team Jacob. I’d say they’re definitely not Team Widmore. #LOST

ASHATL: @ccollinsmith @LOST_WFTB but Widmore was the one who helped UnLocke to get back in the island. UnLocke paid Losties a visit much like Jacob

LOST_WFTB: @ccollinsmith @ASHATL hm. Do we have any scenes where UnLocke was off-island? Or assuming Locke was always UnLocke? #LOST

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL @ccollinsmith it occurs to me that both Jacob and MiB would want the 815ers to return.

lostdogs10: @LOST_WFTB Yes they need their players on the game board

LOST_WFTB: Hmm.. also all the O6 that came back (with the exception of Sayid) made free choices to come back to the island. #LOST

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB @ccollinsmith yes because there is going to be a war…

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB and which of the 2 represent free will? Esau or Jaco? Reminds me of Ben saying 2 Jack, you have 2 want 2 operate on me.

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL @ccollinsmith MiB needed Locke to do his loophole, and Jacob needed his team to detonate the bomb. (BCE – bomb changes everything)

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL By his words (and hey.. its LOST he could be lying) Jacob was more for allowing free choice. MiB seemed all about coercion manip.

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB: Jacob was for allowing free choice. MiB seemed abt coercion manip.//Maybe we should create a list HA! of black/white shirts 2 C

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL Bl may have been playing for Jc’s team, while being manipulated by Bs,then sacrificed as pawn by Jc last outflank (they’re coming)

ASHATL: @LOST_WFTB oh oh I see a need for Fla-o-Graphs!!!!

LOST_WFTB: @ASHATL everything would be much clearer with flannel cutouts as visual aids. It’s an eternal truth.

ccollinsmith: @ASHATL I see you had a bunch of #LOST tweets for me. Have to respond later. But thanks!

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