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LOST – Black Rock and the start of the loophole

August 5th, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged or theorized. I’ve done some smatterings of this and that on twitter, but once in a while you need to write more than 140 chars… so, have a seat.

The frustration on the face of the Man in Black (henceforth noted as MiB) in his discussion with Jacob at the start of The Incident shows, to me, that he was plotting something. With the Black Rock bobbing like a cork in the distance, I think his plan started then, with the crew of the Black Rock, and the current location of the Black Rock has a lot to do with what happened.

This could be rather detailed, or it could be hinted at flashbacks, or it could be entirely wrong. For all I know the paper in the back of Darlton’s pocket could be the script for the Black Rock spin-off to LOST that they’ll announce at next years ComicCon. But with those caveats, lets hit some details.

The core of the mysterious properties of the island is that it sits a top of a ball of magnetic energy. This is what Dr. Pierre Chang is studying, the cause of the incident, and the source is primordial, meaning that the source is probably present while the Black Rock was still floating, but not tapped or used quite yet.

The island isn’t fixed in time or space. That we learned from Ellie in the Lamp Post station. We assume that has always been the case, but I think a good case can be made that the island was dislodged from a fixed location at some point prior to 1954. I’m theorizing that point is around the time the Black Rock sailed the troubled waters around the island. Then after that, the search for the dislodged island, by the Hanso family, started.

Chang stopped work on the Orchid when they started getting too close to that magnetic pocket, the scan showed the Darlton dubbed Frozen Donkey Wheel in silhouette. Here I speculate, that the FDW isn’t primordial, it was placed there somehow, and I think the Black Rock is it’s source. The details we’ve seen of it when Ben then Locke applied pressure to it is it’s build seems nautical, wood and metal. The size of the wheel is too big for a helm, but about right for an anchor capstan. Could the FDW be the Black Rock’s capstan?

What does a capstan do? Well it uses applied man/muscle power to raise the anchor chain and coil it along it’s axis. There is obviously something dangling off the end of the rope of the FDW (IF it is a capstan). Perhaps the anchor is still attached. Perhaps manipulating the anchor through the magnetic pocket is what ‘moves’ the island. Just like hauling in an anchor chain moves a ship closer to the anchor drop point.

So at some point, the Black Rock gets yanked into the middle of the island, the dark territories says one map. Is it because the anchor got yanked into the magnetic abyss, pulling the ship along with it? Ripping the capstan off, until it got lodged in it’s current location.

So if that’s true, at some point, the crew of the Black Rock had to have gotten onto the island. Perhaps the crew members included Richard Alpert. Where he began his role as the right-hand man of Jacob, or who he thought was Jacob.

We still don’t know how Charles and Ellie and the original band of hostiles made it to the island. We know their presence was there in 1954, and they were fighting off a U.S. military crew that left behind Jughead. Are Charles et. al., descendants of the Black Rock crew? Charles certainly had a reason to bid on the log from the Black Rock.

I’m not sure how much time will be spent in season six investigating this ‘loophole’. I think Darlton will be more interested in completing the story of this set of characters, the Oceanic survivors than detailing Black Rock mythology. Perhaps they’ll leave enough hints in the Richard storyline to have one heck of a mini-series, feature film, about the Black Rock.

Okay, tell me where I’ve missed something.

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