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#WFTB – Watch from the Beginning – Refresher

December 11th, 2009

With the final season of LOST just around the corner, it’s time to get the Twitter rewatch back in full stream.  We’ve had a nice break over Thanksgiving, and all you all everybody has had a chance to get their hands on the LOST Season 5 DVDs. (some of us were lucky and won a contest, and have recieved the LOST Dharma Initiative Orientation kit… be very jealous)

So it’s time again, to get to re-watching.  The Season 5 #LOST #WFTB Twitter re-watch party kicks off on December 14th at 9PM CST.  The rest of the schedule is here, so bookmark it.  (Or just ask me @LOST_WFTB on twitter)

What do you need to do to join in?  I made a handy list:

  1. Follow me @LOST_WFTB for #WFTB news updates and reminders.
  2. You might consider following my list of WFTB regulars, and if you aren’t on that list, give me a holla on twitter and I’ll add you.  The list feature of Twitter is also a great way to participate in the #WFTB Live tweets, if you don’t have TweetDeck (my favorite) or some other Twitter client.
  3. Get your DVD (or stream, or whatever you use to watch episodes) ready with time to spare.  I try to be hitting up twitter with reminders at least 42 minutes in advance, but sometimes I’m late, keep an eye on the #LOST #WFTB hashtags.
  4. Start on time (I usually tweet at “Press Play” tweet at the starting time.  I post times in my time zone, CST, so be prepared at your local time.
  5. Start watching and tweeting your comments, all types of comments are allowed.  Snarky MST3K type, or obeservations, or OMGILTS.  Include the episode hashtag (usually #s5E1 or whatever episode we’re on, the finale will have a special hashtag.
  6. Have fun! Everyone is a LOST fan, and all shippers are welcome.
  7. Last and final one, is don’t be a jerk. (That is a general rule of the internet, IMO) We all love the show, and with that common thread, we should all be able to get along.

Namaste, and if you’ve read this far, congratulations.

If you are hard core invite a friend, like @CarltonCuse, @DamonLindelof or @EWDocJensen to join in on the re-watch.  How awesome would it be to have them join in… supremely awesome, beyond words.

See you Monday at 9PM CST.

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  1. December 11th, 2009 at 19:26 | #1

    I would love to join you in this enterprise, but… if it means watching at the same time, concurrently with everyone else (which is a GENIUS idea), alas, I won’t be able to pull that off. 9 PM central is 7 PM pacific, and that’s when I’m eating dinner with the family, helping kids with homework, and putting them to bed. Perhaps I’ll be able to do a couple days, I’ll let you know. But thanks for the invite! — Doc Jensen

  2. December 11th, 2009 at 20:04 | #2

    Thanks for the reply Doc, and I’m flattered at you thinking the idea is Genius. It’s tough to plan a good time for four time ones (and more if you count Hawaii, which sometimes joins in with @hawaii and @mrshawaii, who you should be following on Twitter, since they do the very excellent Transmission podcast). I understand about the kiddos and homework and eating, if you get and evening free, feel free to join in and watch with us.


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