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a Family of Gleeks

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I was reminded yesterday that my whole family LOVES the show Glee.  We’re kinda going through minor withdrawl symptoms since the finale last week, but that should subside slightly with the onset of AI 2010, where my girls, all three of them (@sweetbippy, @Funfizzer and @TotalRenji13) will be rooting for their favorite singer in the batch while we wait for Glee’s return.

At least this year, LOST is on Tuesday nights, and won’t interfere with the American Idol results party we host every Wednesday after choir practice.

We all enjoy the songs on Glee and sing them compulsively over the next few days after an episode airs, a trend that will continue after @TotalRenji’s birthday coup of a copy of the Glee 2 soundtrack album.  This is what happens when you have a family that just loves music, like all the gleeks do in that show.

Beyond the music I also love the humor, from Sue’s biting disdain for anything that isn’t her cheerios, to Brittany’s awesome non-sequiturs.  I also love that the show doesn’t take itself too seriously.  One of the moments that gets lost in every other moment of awesome in this show is the behind closed doors Judges meeting at Sectionals.  The recurring theme of the show has been Mr. Shuester’s constant gaming of his selections by finding out and explaining what the judges will like in the performances of the show choirs.  It’s hilariously funny to find out that none of the judges have any real business judging a choir competition, nor any other singing competition.

I also think they poke fun at themselves for after all the build up of the sectionals competition, we don’t get to see an over the top awards presentation ala the ending of Sister Act.  I’m sure it’s to keep their powder dry for the Finals, but in the end the Sectionals should always have been won by the wonderful Gleeks of Wiliam McKinley High.

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LOST Game Changers … continued – Walkabout

December 14th, 2009 1 comment

Okay, so I made a nice little list of episodes that I thought were game changers, ranked them in order, so I could to a top ten count down like build up thing.  Then I LOST the list.  Oh Irony, smite me now!

So change of plans, I’ll just blather on about the game changers that matter to me, no more rankings, and y’all can self-rank, agree, disagree or just point and laugh in mirth in the comments.



This was the fourth hour of the LOST universe, and while the Pilot and Tabula Rasa were both wonderfully done, and had all the nice twisty turns we’ve come to love and expect from LOST, Walkabout is the one that dug the fish hook into the flesh of my cheek and hooked me into fandom.

We’d gotten some hints that Locke’s character was a bit dualistic by this point.  He’d been forming a friendship with Walt, gave an impressive little solioquy about the game of backgammon, and  of course the orange rind smile both entertained and creepied me out.

The opening scene of the crash and the yellow-threaded toe wriggle should have cued us in that the writer’s were going to pull one over on us.  The setup set in our brain, we go back to present island time and backing Vincent, and a fuselage full of boars (not Sawyer… Jack).  The scene had me leaning to an exposition of the monster, or whatever it was, but it just became a mundane normal creature, that John Locke would now become the hunter/provider of the survivors.

The secondary story of gathering kindling and firewood to torch the fuselage, while peeking at Sayid’s triangulation plan to locate the 16 year old signal.  The episode had a more relaxed feel, with the ending montage of the the survivors as the fuselage burns was touching with Michael Giacchino’s soaring score.

The flash of a hunting knife, contrasted with Locke’s exposition on the details and habits of a razorback boar, had be totally bought into flashback’s tickler that Locke was a military man, but we soon realized that Colonel Locke was his name only in a fantasy role playing game he played at lunch, while getting humiliated by his boss Randy.  The haunting sound of Locke’s adding machine, echoes the now telltale sign of the imminent appearance smoke monster.

The meandering stories this episode sets up so many themes that carry through the rest of the season, some even carry on into season six: caring for and memorializing the dead, figuring out more about the transmission, the hunt for food and provisions, thy mystery of the monster, destiny, “don’t tell me what I can’t do”, Nadia,  Helen, the relationships between Rose and Jack, Michael and Sun, Charlie and Hurley,  even Charlie and Shannon are all entertwined in a story of a boar hunt gone wrong.  The ending hooks of finding out that Locke was going on a walkabout while wheelchair bound, Jack running after the guy in the blue suit to find a blood covered John Locke hauling in the corpse of the boar.

They hid a lot of things in plain sight in this episode, but within it I saw into the heart of the series, and what I saw was … beautiful.

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