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LOST – A story of addiction recovery?

January 22nd, 2010 Comments off

Last night Jeff “Doc” Jensen published his long teased theory of LOST as a reflection of a recovery program in his article: ‘LOST’: A Shot at Redemption. It is a wonderful article, and the theme of redemption and recovery resonates with me partly because of where/when this build up to its ultimate season occurred and how it has affected me personally.

Before you read any further, this is not a humorous look at “LOST addiction.” My hope is to start a very real discussion of real life addiction, and how recovery programs have made a difference, not only in my life, but in a great many others too.

Read more…

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LOST WFTB Tweetcap S5E12 Dead is Dead Transcript

January 14th, 2010 Comments off
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LOST Fans … exciting things are brewing.

January 13th, 2010 1 comment

and I don’t mean a pot of coffee (well that’s not the ONLY thing, because, well… coffee! yum!)

I might be announcing something in the next few days, that will most likely leach any additional hits from this site…

that’s all I can say for now, stay tuned.

don’t forget #LOST #WFTB tonight 9pm for #S5E12 Dead is Dead

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LOST WFTB Tweetcap S5E11 Whatever Happened Happened

January 12th, 2010 Comments off

Enjoy reading the tweets.

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I submitted this somewhere… and now I crave feedback!

January 11th, 2010 Comments off

In my quest to put food on the table, I’m gonna try to get a paying gig, because this internet petition thing isn’t paying too well, nor is the blog with no google ads thing.  So I’m trying out for a reality TV gig.  This is what I posted.

The CBS franchise Survivor, is launching its 20th season with a spanking new concept. Bring back popular Reality TV stars and split them up into teams and let them try to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast each other for a million bucks. Okay, maybe it’s not that new, given Survivor All-stars, and Survivor Fans vs. Favorites and recurring roles for popular players that got burned playing the game the previous season. Aside from all that, this is a BRAND NEW CONCEPT! See they’ve split the teams into two teams, one playing for the side of good (insert dah-dah-daaaw trumpet sound), and the other for the side of evil. (insert maniacal Dr. Evil laugh).

Only how to categorize the players in a game that known best for its backsides and blindside and other dirty play. How can you get 8 heroes? Last night CBS revealed the cast of the much anticipated new season, that promises (again) to be the most exciting season of Survivor. Ever. Period. Exclamation Point.

Heroes: Rupert Boneham, James Clement, Colby Donaldson, Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmell, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, Stephenie LaGrossa, James “J.T.” Thomas, Tom Westman, Candice Woodcock

Villians: Tyson Apostol, Randy Bailey, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Danielle DiLorenzo, Russell Hantz, Jerri Manthey, “Boston” Rob Mariano, Parvati Shallow, “Coach” Benjamin Wade, Courtney Yates

While "generally" the categories hold based on perhaps viewer feedback, but this is basically a producer school-yard. How else to explain branding devious Sugar, who was all smiles when not bawling her eyes out, then blindsiding Randy and delighting the fans a Hero. While aggressive Boston Rob a perennial favorite with fans, and a respected player is branded a Villain. Sure Randy is hated almost as much as "Coach" Wade, and Rupert is LOVED by all along with James all of them got blindsided thinking that they were adored by their peers.

In other words, neither the Heroes tag nor the Villains tag is really self-descriptive. How long until the Merge? Will they be Hillians? or Veros?

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LOST WFTB Tweetcap S5E10 He’s Our You Transcript

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Lost Petition – Bleg

January 8th, 2010 1 comment

What’s next for the petition?  After a week’s worth of internet flurry with mentions from here to there across many sites, I need to find something to DO with this petition.  My goal is to get to 5000 signatures then get the Petition printed out in a neat format and sent to a friend in Hawaii that will take it to the LOST On the Beach premiere.

PetitionOnline provides a printing service at the low rate of one red cent per signature. Which is nice to know, but my pocketbook currently lacks red cents (or blue cents, or green cents, or …) that isn’t already allocated to the needs of a 6 member family.

So I’ve plopped a PayPal Donate button over in the sidebar ————————>

If you feel led to donate, I’ll make sure all proceeds go towards the printing costs for the petition and shipping to Hawaii in time for the gala opening.  If I can’t get that level of support, I’ll keep the petition open for another LOST event down the road when my pocketbook is more able to handle the heavy lifting.

If through your generous donations, the giving exceeds the need, my plan is to send the remaining funds as a donation to my church’s youth group mission fund, to support summer camps and the like later this year.

Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm for this petition.

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Not necessarily Tom Sawyer’s Island…

January 8th, 2010 Comments off

There he goes again, blogging about the *sing-song* LOST Disney Attraction Petition. 🙂

Well when you get a reference from OC Weekly, Yahoo! Buzz, Perez Hilton and the Orange County Register, taking a cue from The Other McCain, you milk it for all it’s worth.  This blogging business is a rough and tumble world, and the only thing you can really do to generate traffic is to.. well, blog. 

So this is in response to Disney-O-Rama’s post: Should Tom Sawyer Island Be Turned Into LOST Island

Apparently a group of hardcore fans of the ABC show “Lost” have started a petition to persuade Disney to create a “Lost” island at Disneyland. The “Lost” attraction would replace “Tom Sawyer Island”, which is seen as being outdated, even with its newly created tie-in to “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series.

While I consider myself to be a hardcore fan of “Lost” as well, this is a bad idea in so many ways.

First, thanks for your support and linking to the petition, next time, try reading it, I’ll help you out, the short preamble says:

LOST is one of the best television series to ever be broadcast on television. Disney should give this awesome show it’s[sic] due and create a LOST Island attraction at one of it’s Disney theme parks. Just think of the locations that can be immortalized in a Disney location.

While it does say Island, it is not specific to Tom Sawyer Island.  It’s more a reference to the location that LOST is centered on “LOST Island”.  The petition isn’t trying to define where in the Magic Kingdom it should be placed, but that the idea be considered by the powers that be to include some LOST themed something.  Heck, most LOST fans would probably be thrilled at a Dharma snack bar, selling Dharma branded concessions.  Executive Producer Carlton Cuse thinks an E-Ticket ride is a better idea.

You may think turning Tom Sawyer Island into LOST island is a bad idea, and many agree with you, but that doesn’t discount the concept of a LOST attraction. I admit that my first impression was centered around using Tom Sawyer Island, and Damon Lindelof tweeted about putting a Polar Bear on the island, so I don’t think it’s a terrible idea.

I haven’t been to Disneyland in 15 years (give or take 9 months), so I’m not up to date on the layout of the park or changes that have been made.  My memories of going to Disneyland in my youth (30+ years ago) have very fond memories of exploring Tom Sawyer Island, hiking along the trails, going into caves, checking out the neat forts, pretending we had guns, and the sailing ship circling the island.  As a “hard core” LOST fan, all of those elements that I remember of the attraction of Tom Sawyer Island, are repeated concepts in the mystery of LOST island, and recurring themes in the plots of the show. 

Do kids need to know all the deep mysteries of LOST to have fun on an LOST themed island.  Just as kids don’t have to wade through or even be familiar with Mark Twain’s character to enjoy the current rendition of the Island.  My two boys (7 and 10) would LOVE it, maybe their friends down the street might be clueless about the theme, but they’d probably love the imaginary games they could play exploring the island.

Adults would come to the attraction, but that’s one of the things that Disney does extremely well, is create experiences where generations can share their enjoyment.  Examples: Every Pixar film made.  When Disney gets off it’s game and starts shooting solely at a younger generation, well I have two words for you: Miley Cyrus. (that’s a joke, Hoss).

I’m glad you do agree with the concept of the petition (I’ve shown it’s not TSI specific) and agree with the points you make here:

Don’t get me wrong – I think the idea of a “Lost” style attraction where fans can physically experience what they have watched for 5 plus seasons now is a great idea. I just don’t believe that Tom Sawyer Island should be sacrificed in the process.

If the Disney powers-that-be take this petition seriously, maybe more suitable locations would be “Disney’s Animal Kingdom” in Orlando or possibly the new Disney resort that is being developed in Kapolei, Hawaii.

The Hawaiian location would be a supreme location for such an attraction, so I do hope you’ve signed the petition.

Thanks for taking the time to form a well thought out response to a self-admittedly kinda silly idea.  Your post is proof that the silly ideas (like a theme park in Anaheim of all places) can generate some real ideas, and some awesome fun.

The LOST Petition makes the Around Disney blog.

January 8th, 2010 Comments off

I was very surprised to see an email from a reporter for The Orange County Register asking if she could contact me for an interview.  I remember as a teenager, going to High School at Los Amigos High (Fighting Lobos) in Fountain Valley seeing the paper on the dining room table at breakfast.  This was twenty plus years ago, so the memory is hazy.  (Yes kids, back then they printed the news on actual paper.)

So a couple of days ago I had a really nice conversation with Sarah Tully, who writes for the Register’s Around Disney blog, which has news and information about all things Magic Kingdom (aka Resort Area of Anaheim where Walt Disney’s Disneyland is located, perhaps you’ve heard of it?)

The interview resulted in this article (click on through to give some linkage):

Tom Sawyer’s Island cabin could become Jacob’s cabin. A smoke monster could waft around Disneyland guests. Dharmaville barracks could go up in Frontierland.

If fans of the “Lost” T.V. show have their way, all would be part of a show-themed attraction at a Disney park. Preferably, Tom Sawyer’s Island would become “Lost” Island at Disneyland.

Fans are circulating an online petition to ask Disney to put an attraction based on the science-fiction show in one of its parks. See the petition HERE.

The organizer, former Orange County resident Jon Stueve, aims to collect 5,000 signatures by today so that a fellow “Lost” fan can deliver it to officials at the “Lost” premiere in Oahu, Hawaii. As of mid-Thursday, more than 3,000 people had joined the petition.

While I’m disappointed that Suzi Brown, a Disneyland Resort spokesman commented that Walt Disney Imagineering officials aren’t, “contemplating the concept.”  I’m not really surprised.  Imagineers are men of science, after all, and they’ll need some convincing from some of us men (and women) of faith.  So I’m taking a ‘whatever, dude!’ attitude, and just gonna enjoy the idea as it dances through the my ever decreasing grey matter.

Thanks again, Sarah for the article and taking the time to contact me, and listen to this hair brained idea.  It is the highest praise of a ‘hard core’ LOST fan to say to you – You All Everybody!

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LOST WFTB – S0509 Namaste -Tweetcap

January 7th, 2010 Comments off

Tweetcap – S05E09 – Namaste

thanks @batchoutlost for the capture and tweet-herding.# ydm.

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