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OMG, Damon DM’d me the final scene

January 5th, 2010 1 comment

I put it after the fold, severe spoiler warning!

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LOST WFTB – Tweetcaps

January 5th, 2010 6 comments

A bit of a catch up… I’m gonna link to text files of the tweetups, that you can download and read, versus the inpost quotes.

I’m lazy. I suck. I know.

All credit goes to @batchoutlost for herding all the tweets.  If you MUST have the tweetcaps in a post, let me know and I’ll have my intern put it on my schedule. 😀

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Take THAT haters!

January 5th, 2010 4 comments

My LOST Themed Disney Petition (the post) has had it’s supporters and it’s detractors and some on the fence, navelgazing.  I’m sure it will irk the haters to know that Damon Lindelof has jumped aboard the bandwagon.

His tweet:


@LOST_WFTB Consider the petition SIGNED!

and a screen cap of the proof!


HA! hahah! hahahahahahah!

Next Mission: @CarltonCuse … oh he will sign it, oh yes! he will!

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My Squiggly Line LOST Supper Theory – Doc Jensen throw down.

January 5th, 2010 1 comment

Okay, my good friend Jeff “Doc” Jensen has another column out today, and he said he’d continue his LOST Supper “analysis” in his twitter stream.  A few of instances of what he calls, “analysis”:

EWDocJensen: "Lost Last Supper" bonus thought: "The Da Vinci Code" alleges Leonardo posed Jesus and John/Mary so as to form the letter ‘M’ (More…)

EWDocJensen: Now, look at the space above Locke, between Sawyer and Jack. The way they’re framed forms the letter W. (More…)

EWDocJensen: A reference to "Widmore"? Of course, the shape suggests something else: A crown atop Locke’s head. But what kind of crown? (More…)

EWDocJensen: A royal crown for Locke the Christ–or a crown of horns for Locke the anti-Christ?

I’m all for reading John’s Revelation into most anything pop-cultural, especially any season of The Bachelor, or say the follow-up episode of Conveyor Belt of Love last night, which I still need to watch, and see where the whore of Babylon plays into that, but I digress.

I tweeted him a theory about a squiggly line, then later smashed his ‘Jacob’s touch has magikal healing powaz’ hack theory (didn’t help good ol’ John Locke to get touched by Jacob, he’s still dead in the sand).  Well, I guess Doc’s feeling a bit confident, just having posted his column, and getting all jiggy with the tweetings (which I helped him out with, remember?) tweeted back:

EWDocJensen: True. Maybe Jacob is saving Locke’s resurrection for later. C’mon, Mr. "Squiggly Line"! More imagination!

Alright, bud, howsabout I throw down some photographic evidence of the squiggly line… hm?





There ya go, PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF of a smokie reference floating over John Locke’s smirky mc-smirk-smirk face.  Proof that the Smoke Monster isn’t to be messed with.  And neither am I!


UPDATE: Doc admits defeat with and claims the right to edit and revise his remarks. umm… well he says this:

EWDocJensen: @LOST_WFTB YOU WIN! Genius! CHECK IT readers: But I have one suggestion for improvement…. (more)

EWDocJensen: @LOST_WFTB Terminate the squiggly line at the head of the "thing" behind Ben–it better completes the Smokey/snake shape.

Well, your wish is my command!  Here is the updated master squiggly-line photo, with Doc’s addendum in Purple (being the royal color, or the color you use when you’re feeling real special.)


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