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OMG, Damon DM’d me the final scene

January 5th, 2010

I put it after the fold, severe spoiler warning!




Dark Set, two shadowy forms can be seen in a large bed, figure on right side of bed leans over and and nudges his sleeping partner

Shadowy Figure 1:

Honey, Honey, wake up… I had a terrible dream.  I dreamed my plane crashed on an island, and this crazy person tried to revive me by giving me horrible CPR, but then he was pushed away from me by a real doctor who saved my life.  Then I was made to inventory a store room in an underground Hatch filled with strange food.  Then I setup a kitchen on a beach, and kept track of all the food, then had to stop you from making some FOOLish S.O.S. sign, before being marched away from our beach for our safety.  And dear, don’t ever let me hear you say, “Live Together, Die Alone”  or I’ll punch you right in the nose.

Shadowy figure 2:

Stirrs and sits up, rubbing eyes

Shadowy figure 1: (continues)

Then the sky turned purple, then white, then the whole camp disappeared, and I couldn’t find you, then I did, then you tried to start a fire, then Frogurt got skewered like a peice of meat looking for a fondue tray, then we ran into the jungle and tried to stay away from the whole mess, lived happily for three years, only to have a big flash of light and ended back on the same plane we started in on!

Shadowy figure 2: (leaning over to turn on the light)

Frogurt? Wait, What?

(light turns on, revealing Rose and Bernard in bed).

Honey, honey, no more eating Japanese food before going to bed.

(Camera zooms in on a pair of black and white stones on Bernard’s beside table as the couple embraces.)

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  1. Loster21
    January 5th, 2010 at 16:42 | #1

    I KNEW it! Whew, that frees up my Tuesday nights…

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