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Santa wants to make sure I keep on running!

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Santa brought me some nifty new gadgets for Christmas which will totally support my running habit, though of late it’s been hard to call it a habit. 

First up, a new heart rate monitor (HRM) with a footpod to track cadence, and give the treadmill runs a bit more data to analyze.  The Garmin FR60 doesn’t have GPS, but I don’t really need all that horse-power.  My new job (I need to blog about that… someday) came with an in building gym and locker rooms with three treadmills, so I have a great facility to continue my drills, so at least until it warms up enough to run comfortably outside, I can use the treadmill and my FR60 to give me the data.  I’m still working out the kinks, but here’s an example of a run event Daily Mile by jon.stueve at Garmin Connect – Details.

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