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BORING: Biometric Screening Results

July 13th, 2010 1 comment

Had a health fair at work so I took a screening see how I’m doing.

I try to take a baby asprin morning and night, to ward off the big D (diabetes) and HD (heart disease) given family history, so take that into account with the below results.  The glucose was a fasting screening hadn’t had anything except water since midnight.

Mundane details below the fold:

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LOST WFTB Tweetcap S5E12 Dead is Dead Transcript

January 14th, 2010 Comments off
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LOST Fans … exciting things are brewing.

January 13th, 2010 1 comment

and I don’t mean a pot of coffee (well that’s not the ONLY thing, because, well… coffee! yum!)

I might be announcing something in the next few days, that will most likely leach any additional hits from this site…

that’s all I can say for now, stay tuned.

don’t forget #LOST #WFTB tonight 9pm for #S5E12 Dead is Dead

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LOST WFTB Tweetcap S5E10 He’s Our You Transcript

January 9th, 2010 Comments off
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LOST WFTB – S0509 Namaste -Tweetcap

January 7th, 2010 Comments off

Tweetcap – S05E09 – Namaste

thanks @batchoutlost for the capture and tweet-herding.# ydm.

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Blog Pimping…

January 7th, 2010 2 comments

Looking at my Google Analytics blogging stats. Some observations:

  • I get more traffic blog-baiting DocJensen than starting a LOST Disney petition.
  • Hardly any of the blogs/articles about the petition, have driven traffic to this blog.
  • Twitter is a good way to bring people in to read your blog, but not necessarily to comment.
  • It’s probably because my followers just tweet me back. 🙂 which I LOVE.
  • it does look like the ‘lost disney petition’ might finally overwhelm such favorite google searches as:

And finally, it appears that the person that most reads my blog, is … probably me *facepalm*

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It’s Ess Tee Ewe Eee Vee Eee

December 22nd, 2009 3 comments

And it’s pronounced, as my Dad once wore on his church league basketball jersey: Stew-Vee

If you haven’t come here from Jeff “Doc” Jensen’s column, then let me post a picture of what I woke up to this morning.


All’s forgiven Jeff, my name’s been misspelled all my life, my favorite is “Stlieve” Ell-Eye? Really?

Once when I was at Naval Postgraduate School, I won a prize and the navy wife pronounced it like the Swedish Chef was trying to say my name. So I’m used to it.

If you’re here for the first time, I run the twitter rewatch, titled Watch From the Beginning (#WFTB) using my special twitter account LOST_WFTB. We’re currently re-watching the beginning of Season 5, with the next twitter re-watch happening on We3dnesday for Season 5 Episode 5. Tune into Twitter and re-watch with us. (And urge Doc Jensen to show up for once… Just one night…)

Peace, out.

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WFTB – S5E2 The Lie – Tweetcap Transcript

December 18th, 2009 2 comments

This is rough, I’m having issues with my text editor to get this coded correctly, hopefully I can knock this out before tonight’s tweetup. Until then here are the tweets, line by line. Enjoy.

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LOST Game Changers – The 23rd Psalm

December 18th, 2009 2 comments

This is a classic episode, that it ends with Mr. Eko quoting the 23rd Psalm while fire engulfs the plane wreckage that became his brother’s tomb, isn’t the game changer… It’s just the capper of a very revealing episode, that twists in things from the first season, swirls it around with what we know of the second season, and sets up a chess piece for upcoming seasons.

The backstory of Mr. Eko is telling, he’s not afraid to do what is right to protect the people he loves, but he’s also all about getting the business done, the right way, even if it means bending the laws, rules, killing people. The way the story tell of Eko’s Nigerian gangster past is somewhat surprising that we know he was wearing a priest’s collar, and has a habit for etching bible verses in tree branches. How that story is told, while winding around the Heroin infused statues of Mary, then loading them on the yellow plane that Locke found, that had lead to Boone’s death just is classic twisty LOST story telling.

The game changer was the approach of the smoke monster, to Charlie’s sound of alarm to the face to face meeting of Smokie and Eko. The slow plan through the smoke as it takes it’s measure of Mr. Eko, with flashes of faces and times that we’d never encountered, made it another screen capture/pause/wedbetterwatchthatagain moment.

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LOST – Game Changers – Orientation

December 16th, 2009 1 comment

Season 2 of LOST has so many good episodes and the third episode (after the vamping Adrift, second episode where much of the first episode was replayed from a different POV) has a few good head turners as the drama in the hatch is unveiled. After Kate, Jack and Locke make all nice with Desmond, well… okay, they didn’t make nice as so much distract Desmond by shooting the computer, and reducing poor Desmond to a freaked out electronics repairman. In order to save time, he tell Locke to check out the Orientation film in the library, while he tries to repair the computer with the bullet hole in it. I’m not sure if you can repair an Apple II computer with just a some solder and a spare resistor, but Dessie is just the man to try. As Kate runs to get electronic wizard and soon to be super spy Sayid to assist in the Nerd Herd emergency. Jack and Locke settle down the lounge with a Super 8 projector and we get our first look at the Dharma Initiative, and Dr. Marvin Candle (played wonderfully by Dr. Pierre Chang) and his odd artificial arm, explain to us about the Swan hatch and the protocol for saving the world.

As the film flips through the last frames, the camera focuses in on Locke and he says:

We’re gonna have to see that again…

And quite a few of us have, over and over and over again. That little bit of film started a craze of Dharma Initiative fandom that hasn’t stopped to this day. That we spend much of Season 5 encamped with the DI was wonderful to how well that was envisioned and portrayed by the writer’s and the production staff.

The other shocker was that there was at least one more survivor of Flight 815, her name was Ana Lucia, but she appears to be in cahoots with that shady bunch of ‘Others’ that captured and imprisoned Sawyer, Michael and Jin. The word ‘Other’ was used a few times in the first season, and it’s a tribute, I think, to the story that it can be used for so many groups of people on LOST, the natives were others, the tailies were others, the DI was others, in reality, all of us are others to people that don’t know us.

That’s why I liked Orientation, and why I think it changed the way I percieved the show LOST. Certainly a game changer.

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