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OMG!! We Gotta WII!!!!!!!

December 25th, 2007 2 comments


I gotta admit, I was about as excited as the kids.  I knew about it for months, its only that life’s been soooo busy that I haven’t taken it to work to ‘test’ it. 🙂

Grandma Rain was the gracious benefactor, and she included the following games in the take:

  • Wii Sports (included, but cool!)
  • Sims 2 Castaways
  • Madden 2008
  • Avatar – The Burning Earth
  • Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
  • Super Paper Mario
  • Dewy’s Adventure
  • Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

I got some of the books on my list, a überkool laptop desk (Ikea Dave), shirts and stuff.  But the highlight was watching the kids open that box.  The girls are swooning over their new santa delivered cell-phones, and Dan’s enjoying his MP3, and MJ is now a ninja spy with gadgets and weapons.  MJ’s also the best wii bowler in his age group. 

Merry Christmas!

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