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AI – my ejections

February 28th, 2008 4 comments

I actually listened to each of the songs (not ALL of each song, but enough) to form an opinion on who needs to go, and who needs to stay.

Lets start with the danger zone for the boys:

  • Jason Castro – just kinda muddled through for me
  • Danny Noriega – mostly hairstyle for me… that says enough about what I feel about his singing.

High points for the doods, two singers that tempt fate by trying to sing old standards

  • Luke Menard – Killer Queen is a song only Freddie Murcury can do 100%, Luke gets in the B+/A- range though.
  • David Archuleta – Imagine totally different arrangement, but the kid hit the vocals just right, honoring John Lennon’s lyrics.

The rest of the guys were just aiight.  But I do admit to just barely tuning into their songs. 

The girls

No Good (i.e bad):

  • Amanda Overmyer – sadly the outfit and hair might come back and bite her, the song wasn’t strong at all, could hear the background vocalist more than her most of the song.
  • Alexandra Lushington – not strong vocals, and a disconnect between song and outfit.  Sorry if that seems superficial.  We are talking AI though, they say its a singing competition, but it is an image competition.

So Vain (i.e. they probably think this post is about them, and they’re right):

  • Carly Smithson – hit it with the Heart standard, and its her dream.  I hope she gets to stick around more.
  • Brooke White – though she forgot she was playing guitar halfway through, her vocals were good, and the judges were right about oozing the Carly vibe.
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