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Me and my mommed ride

August 27th, 2008 Comments off

Some public confessions first from my lunch hour foray in tho the wilds of Richardson (namely Cambell and Central in front of Atlanta Bread Company)

To the eldergy gentleman riding the nice harley:

I hope you don’t take my angry gestures personally, I wasn’t that bothered by the fact that you were backing out of a full-sized parking space in to the wrong lane, then used that lane to turn into exit lane, which was impeding my driving past the front of the restaurant.  I wasn’t angrily gesturing at you, rather at…

To the nice young man driving the beemer behind me:

I’m sorry that my lack of a turn signal confused you into thinking that I was turning right, rather than proceeding through.  It certainly would have confused me too, especially since you couldn’t have known the actions of the above mentioned biker in slowing down traffic in four directions.  I’m happy to have helped you in your quarterly inspection of you personal traffic control device (aka irritating small car horn), it does indeed work.  I’m unsure why you repeated the inspection procedure so many times in such a short duration.  Perhaps you’ve had better luck with you device actually clearing traffic in front of your much more important car.  I hope you weren’t late by the 10 extra seconds it took for the biker to clear the lane so I could drive through.

Now on to my regularly scheduled post

Multimedia message This is my ride.  I changed from my sporty 99 Mercury Sable for car pooling reasons, since my morning commute now includes 4 junior passengers that are dropped off along my circuitous route to work.  Its throughly mommed, and I’m certainly man enough to drive this hunk of car.  So when I roll up to you in this ride, don’t be shocked.