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Fall Addiction…

August 30th, 2006 5 comments

With new shows starting to pop up onto the television screen, I’ve been perusing the fall schedule.

Just browsing, since it doesn’t really kick off for good until well into September, there are a couple of old-standby that kick off next week. House and nip/tuck.

Sunday looks like it will be less ‘must see’, but with The Amazing Race opposite Extreme Home Makeover, TAR might be in the 9 o’clock slot, since Grey’s Anatomy has moved to Thursday. I lost a bit of that ‘desparate’ feeling last season, but will give it another shot. But if it withers more, then it looks more like Sunday Night Football will be the place to be. 😀

Monday night is a bit open with the lack of Primetime Football (well at least not on ABC) we’ll have to go to the dramas. Missed the Vanished premiere last week, but *yawn* .. sorry.. lost my train of thought there. The two known qualities are vying for my attention at 9pm (What About Brian and CSI:Miami – I give the nod to WAB… but I still have a warm place in my heart for Horatio…) New shows that might crack my attention barrier, Heros on NBC at 9 (if for nothing else to not watch Bachelor: Rome, sorry.. but Jen shefted me on that franchise…) looks like it might be worth the time. Deal or No Deal is great pop-corn television (it keeps you busy, but isn’t very filling), and will get the early nod, if I can’t tune to ESPN.

Tuesday looks dry, but House starts next week at 8pm. After that we’ll have to search for distraction, ABC has some sitcoms, I always hear the Veronica Mars buzz… Boston Legal, I enjoy, but eh.. sometimes the whole liberal slant of the show (with Denny Crane filling the conservative buffoon role) just irritates me.

Wednesday. The DVR gets a workout early, since we don’t get back home from church until almost 8pm. Jericho looks cool, I mean nuclear explosions, whats not to like?? Lost starts conspiring at 8pm, with a whole bunch of new loose ends to start gathering up. The Biggest Loser will be on the backup DVR for that slot, I’m certain, and The Nine (post Lost show) might make the radar screen.

Thursday gets busy… (note to self, change men’s night…) Survivor on at 7pm. Grey’s Anatomy, CSI and The OC all at 8pm (counts fingers… one will have to be downloaded, I’m thinking either CSI or The OC, I need another DVR!!!) Six Degrees (the new Abrams drama) starts at 9pm, and will get my attention early.

Friday might give Men in Trees a gander, woman stuck in man-filled Alaska, sounds somewhat interesting. Saturday is DEAD to me. (Oh why can’t some dude realize that some Thursday shows could make it on a Friday night or a Saturday night…)

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