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The pride cometh…

January 21st, 2011 8 comments

before the slight uptick in the generally downward trend of my scale weights.

Remember that post about running?  I have a case of shin splints now, and can’t run.  Remember that post about trends and trend lines, and how little gains don’t matter.  This morning I got smacked in the face with a 1.2 pound gain.

Intellectually, I know it’s a hiccup, a bump, a bit of extra water and fiber.

Emotionally, it’s not that simple.  I spent this mornings hour long commute (5 mile drive, but first two laps to three different schools) mulling over that silly 1.2 pounds that still left me 1.2 pounds below my trend.

Some of the conversation:

Me: Meh, I was due for a bump.

Me: It’s that time of month.

Me: Do dudes have a time of month?

Me: That was the oatmeal at 11:30 last night.

Me: Nah, oatmeal is good for you this was the Baskin-Robbins from two nights ago.

Me: Right, karma sucks.

Me: You’re being silly, you’ve had blips like this before.

Me: You’re right, I need to drink more water.

Me: You’re hitting your water targets, and your hitting your calories, this is just normal, stop being a jerk and worrying about it.

Me: Well I did eat into my exercise calories a bit earlier this week, maybe…

Me: STFU, I’m not talking to you anymore.  Go cry in the corner, wimp!

image My LoseIt! friends are all on the side of the sane side of that conversation, and really they are all right.  Looking back doesn’t do me any favors, make good choices today.  Work out and exercise, drink water.  Not a time to panic or fret and only make the stress of that worse.  So I’m blogging my pain, allowing a bit of catharsis to occur from connecting with my emotions, then I’m gonna indulge in Free Bagel Friday (which is totally within my budget! woot!) and enjoy my Friday.

Enjoy yours too!

OMG, Damon DM’d me the final scene

January 5th, 2010 1 comment

I put it after the fold, severe spoiler warning!

Read more…

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RFC – LOST Shipping lanes

June 4th, 2009 2 comments

For all you non-nerds, RFC means Request For Comment.

Which leads me to a confession.  I’m a 41 year old father of four.  I have degrees in Computer Science (B.S.) and Information Technology Management (M.S.).  I spent nine years in the Navy.  With that back ground, I’m an expert at acronyms.  I totally get those.

image My problem is, I have two teenage daughters (okay, really one is 12, but still she ACTS all teenagerey) that are starting down the path to adulthood.  Since starting WFTB I’ve noticed a few of my followers are of the same species of my daughters (teenaged girls).  I’ve also noticed that they talk with a weird coded language at times and I need help.  Please my role as a respected father is in your hands!

I need a crash course on Shipping, and by that I mean relationshipping. Namely how this whole shipping referencing works.  You know, so I can be down with it, when I banter with my girls.

I get some references (Jate = Jack + Kate), but is there a rule or do you just make it up?  Conventions? Does the male come first? (Sake = Sawyer + Kate??!)

If I try that with Jin and Sun: Ji(n) + (Su)n = Jin

That’s not really unique, should it be Jiun?

Rose and Bernard (Ronard? Bese? Bernase?)

What about Sawyer and Juliette? Sawette? Julyer?

Jack and Juliette? Jatte? Julck?


Help me out here folks, quick!  Summer is here, and I’ll be spending time on the road with my daughters and I’ve gotta be able to relate!

Help me out in the comments.

Disclaimer:  The above was written by a member of Team Edward – don’t hate.

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Talking back to the headlines

August 28th, 2008 Comments off

The following were headlines in Inside Yahoo! today, and my inner voice responses:

  • Obama seeks a personal touch within a huge stadium – most people would shun him as a pervert.
  • Officials my evacuate New Orleans as Gustav nears – what did Gustav ever do to them?
  • Georgia: S. Ossetia ethnic cleansing nearly done – Phew, at least something are still on track.
  • Economy rebounds in 2Q – Yet another quarter without a recession, I feel a little cheated.
  • Bill and Hillary, at least, leave the stage – Didn’t we get rid of them 8 years ago?
  • Hollywood stars talk politics at Dem convention – A spelling word got missed by the editor its spelled D-U-M-B.
  • Microsoft’s newest browser may block ads – May fry your hard drive and send your grandma all your pr0n too.
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