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New Plugins

August 30th, 2006 7 comments

heart of loveFirst off the stack is the NET Bible plugin. This will allow me to type John 3:16 and WP will automagically translate that to a link that point to the NET bible at So I can type some things and then randomly comment that this applies to Numbers 10:20 and be on my way without having to make a long drawn out process of going to the site, making the search, copying the link, and then making the link in my post. So… let’s see if it woiks!

Coherence / Coherencia Next, the Page Links To plugin is a simple thing, but makes it easy to create ‘links to’ other areas of your websites, and have them appear on the WordPress page list, so that it looks nice.  I needed it to better incorporate my Flickr Photo Gallery into the pages of this site.  I found the tip at the Glued Ideas Support Forum, which incidentally has created this great theme.

Also installed Ultimate Tag Warrior because I loves me some tags.  Tags are a great way to interconnect  your various posts by applying your own ‘tag’ to each post.  Then look and see how they interconnect by looking at a tag cloud.  I’ve got none of that working at the moment, but UTW seems to have all the options I’d need to get a good tags folksnomy working lickity-split.

Don't make me, Mama! Finally, I’ve installed EditNPlace.  This allows the quick update/edit of a post from the main page without having to go back to the backend, and then to the manage tab, then find the post.  I can quickly (through the magic of AJAX) click and edit the raw text of the entry and then save it.  Good for catching typos, or adjusting the layout real quick, etc… Had something like it for comments on Misplaced Keys, which was handy too.

That does it for this episode of What Plugin have you done for me lately…