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WFTB – S1E4 – Walkabout – tweecap

May 21st, 2009 2 comments


Walkabout is the fourth hour of LOST’s opening season. For myself and many this episode was the hook that caught us up in the unfolding mystery of the island (or trapped us in Jacob’s net).  The plot focuses on John Locke both on an island quest for wild boar (need to keep Hurley fed) and his pre-island life and what led up to him being on Oceanic flight 815.

We started the Live Tweet a little late, but it was well attended and had some great conversations.

In attendance: @LOST_WFTB @batchout @ASHATL @justinkeyes @Model_Melissa @Molly_Faraday @DieCer @ccollinsmith

I’m going to break this up by scenes, as I started watching the show at the beginning.  Some people watched it first then joined the live tweet, so I’ll try and combine the threads into a true twee-cap along with the context of the show. Click more to continue.

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