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Abs of MEALS

February 29th, 2008 Comments off

Last night was a busy one, since it was the culmination of our Upward Basketball season where our church partnered with First Baptist Church, Plano.  I had hardly any part in the planning of the event, but that was by design.  The guest speaker was Melvin Adams.  Clicking over to the link you find his bio with a long list of things he’s achieved in the sport of basketball, expecting a tall man, Melvin stepped up to the front all of 5’8″ but filled with boundless energy.

Angie laughed through the whole exchange, but I really heard her bust up (I was sitting with my team) when Melvin told the audience that wives need to keep honoring their husbands even when their, “Abs of Steel have turned to Abs of Meals.”  I turned around, and looked at her and rubbed my belly.

Melvin spoke a lot about being able to achieve your dreams, by relying on God.  His stint in professional basketball, and other higher profile events, led him to rise past his humble beginnings, and realize that happiness only comes from the Lord.  He’s seen and related stories of people that had it all, wealth, pretty wives, fast cars and big houses, but still feeling empty inside.  Trust in the Lord, was his message, and the cool thing was it was apparent that he lived by that mantra as well.

After getting their basketballs signed by Melvin (and everything else, Brenna got a Melvin Adams original artwork on the back of her Upward t-shirt, Michael got his autograph on the toe of his old school Chuck Taylor shoes, and Danny pretty much had Melvin sign everything he had on him.  We went back home to get the kids into bed on time.

Then we settled down to watch the TV shows that occupy our Thursday nights.  Watched as I got 1 out of 3 right on AI (off my game, but its still early in the season), then the awesomeness that is LOST.  But we gave it up before we watched Eli Stone (or as I call it, Elijah Rock!) and went to bed.

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