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Newt on Sarah’s experience

September 3rd, 2008 Comments off

Most likely MSNBC will squash this YouTube video, because Newt is spot on in rebutting the argument that Obama’s experience in running a campaign is larger than Sarah Palin being a governer.

Newt on the Thrillah from Wassila – Sarah the Impaler

The reporter asking the question, and getting Newt’s response was golden, “um-er, back to you Keith.”  Making Keith say he’ll look into it.  Okay, great because Olberman is fair and balanced… and remember when the question was posed to Obama, he skipped the top of Governor Palin’s resume, and skipped down to her two terms as Mayor of Wassila, Alaska.

Dude, she’s Governor.  Of Alaska.  That big state up there with a whole heck-a-lotta oil, and not to mention CRAB. (Sorry, shoutout to my Biggest Deadliest Catch hommies — If Sarah get’s elected can she put Edgar Hansen in the Department of kicking uppity Senators’ asses?)

hat-tip ( Kim@Wizbang )