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Thursday Night Haikus (a catch up)

October 5th, 2007 2 comments


Jean-Robert and James
Marked for death before merge
Good bye to Leslie

The Office

Infinity! Tech!
Gift baskets not included
Tech drowns Michael’s car


Hearing with her eyes
Test case for new team hopefuls
Cameron knows House

Pushing Daisies

A new bright delight
Though death and dying are rife
Reair tonight, WATCH!

I’m way behind! a busy week.  To many shows! my DVR keep. 

Will try to watch, as time allows.  While through mounds of clothes, I dutifully plow.

Tuesday Night Haikus

October 3rd, 2007 Comments off

The CW gets nod
Quality television
True! I kid you not!

Beauty & the Geek

Will best in courtship
Becky in anatomy
Just ask Sam. Bye Betty


“Tell the truth, Sam,” says
The author of lies himself
Devil loves values

House, a standard fare
Gets postponed to favor sleep
Beware, spoilers.

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Totally Called It…

May 24th, 2007 1 comment

Well I didn’t call that our next American Idol would be Jordin Sparks, but DialIdol certainly alluded to that despite our desparate dialing for Blake that upped his votes by something around 500, yer welcome B-man.

I’m talking about LOST.  Totally called that the finale would be all on-island flashbacks.  I won’t go further in case you haven’t watched, and don’t want to be spoiled.  But for me, it was worth staying up until 2am.

What am I in college?  Totally Feeling IT too.

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And there was great rejoicing…

April 19th, 2007 1 comment
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Mediocre Idol

April 11th, 2007 Comments off

I wasn’t too impressed with any of the contestants, Blake and Melinda were aiight, and then lump the rest together.  Even Simon had tepid praise for Sanjaya, so it seems the judges are resigned to seeing him continue.

Dial Idol has everyone in the bottom-three tonight, which means for DI there is no standout contestant.  Since there are some VFTWers that use DI software to dial for them, that even may skew the number for the Sanjizzle.  So there is some hope of redeeming the year with a surprise boot.  But the lowest DI score was Lakisha.  If Lakisha goes, then that raises Melinda’s value.  If Blake can tred water until Chris R. leaves then it is fairly clear that Melinda and Blake will be in the finals.  Unless there is a Haley wardrobe malfunction — then all bets are off.

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Lost – Theories and such…

March 22nd, 2007 4 comments

yah.. i know, I’m teh suck. No recap again, and I still missed last week. So instead of recapping .. (you know where to go for that) I’ll do some theorizing commentaritizing stuff.

First off, the rest of this assumes that you are at least caught up through ‘Man from Tallahasse’, if not, stop go away and come back when you have been properly initiated. I’m not pausing of stuffing this in the more section. Deal.


Ben plays Locke like a big bass drum. Seriously, all Ben needs to keep a lock (heh) on his power is to tell Locke to do things, and Locke will end up talking himself into it. Think back, Ben is the one that put the seeds of doubt in Locke regarding pushing the button that exploded the hatch. Put his distrust of computers and all things Dharma, that made him discover and destroy the Flame station, reserving a chunk of C4 for any other opportunity to blow things up. Then when he finds Ben, Ben convinces him that blowing the sub is not what Ben wants, when it is exactly what Ben wants. Locke striding out of the jungle is as helpful to Ben as Jack falling from the sky. Which leads to…

The Big Magic Box (not the goracle’s lock box, or so we hope). This is where the island seemingly gives people what they most desire, kinda like Jack Sparrow’s compass. And it is fairly reliable, and a recurring theme that explains many of the manifestations. Locke walks again because he wants it. A bear appears because Walt imagines it. Jack’s dad plays the white rabbit, because Jack is mourning. Kate is reminicing and a horse appears. Eko feels guilt about his brother, and he appears. Yadda Yadda, but it along with seemingly miraculous things appearing, there is also a long string of coincidences that bring this magic box to fruition. Ending up with the revelation that Locke’s dad is on the island, and in Ben’s custody. Is he the ‘Man from Tallahasse?

Speaking of Dads, doesn’t just about EVERYONE on the plane have Daddy Issues? Jack does, Locke does, Charlie does, Claire does, Kate does, Sun does, Jin does (though his Dad doesn’t seem as bad as the others, he just a lowly fisherman, which Jin doesn’t want to inherit, but kinda wishes he does now). Obviously Walt did, and Michael is on the reverse side. Just once I’d like to see a dysfunctional mother, just for a tad bit of fairness.

My theory on Pappa Locke getting to the island is that he is somehow wrapped up with Julia’s appearance on the island, and will be related to Richard (the guy that convinced her to come) along with Ethan. Also there will be some twist to involve the other Tallahasseans Sawyer and Kate into the six degreeness that is another recurring theme. (speaking of 6 degrees it returns Friday… I see nothing about The Nin3… sorry deboobily.)

Also my working theory on Paulo/Nikki is they are so going to be exposed as others, and the Paulo/Nikki backstory ep (Expose – there is supposed to be a swirly thingy on the last e) comes next week. The producers were pumping up the intrigue on this one in there weekly podcast, so that butresses my theory that this will be in island centric backstory, that will reveal how NP infiltrated the group, and the beachies are totally screwed.

Thinking forward, for my local peeps, last night I didn’t get to watch this til like Midnight, because of the AI party at my house (buh bye Stephanie, we hardly knew ya. Sanjay, we wish we never knew you) I’m thinking it would be fun to plot out a season ending Lost party, any interest?

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Idol Predictions – The 12

March 14th, 2007 1 comment

My personal pick is Sanjizzle, but since its early, and VFTW love can help push him further and the sweet sweet love of his incredible moldable hair will have sheeple calling for hours just wanting to see what type of floomable wonder will appear next week, he’s probably safe.  Unfortunately the first week on the big stage had many stalwarts fall into the ‘meh’ category so there are a lot of forgettable performances.  Haley crying her eyes out may get her a sympathy vote, that and the potential for a future wardrobe malfunction may keep her safe.  Sligh may have made a big oopsie in re-arranging and old standard, a brave move, that may prove his undoing.  This was the week to try something weird like that, because their were  A LOT of marginal singing, but hacking up Endless Love… hmm.  Who’s gonna go?  I think it will be a boy, and either Brandon or Phil, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a shocker puts Sligh on the slide home.

Now, looking at Dial Idol, they have Melissa and Kiki as safe, along with Sanjizzle.  Putting everyone else in the ‘unsafe’ category, due to the huge Margin of Error.   The MOE has Brandon and Jordin as possible for third place, which puts the other seven in the ‘Danger Will Robinson’ category.  Using that data, I still think Phil is in danger, because no one like being yelled at.  For our top two heroines, a early Stephanie exit might be a good thing, and since she is in the same demo as Mel and Kiki, she might not get the votes to continue.  But really this thing in up in the air, which may prove to be a ‘shocker’ this week.

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Idol on Tuesday – Top 12

March 13th, 2007 1 comment

Most Tuesday’s I’m very idle, so why not just list my rankings, no commentary

  1. Lakesia – Kiki
  2. Melinda
  3. Blake
  4. Jordin
  5. Gina
  6. Phil
  7. Chris S.
  8. Brandon
  9. Stephanie
  10. Haley
  11. Chris R.
  12. Sanjaya

I may have ranked Sanjaya too high.

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Thursday Wednesday non-lost TV

March 8th, 2007 Comments off

Lost post is coming, but lets get the preliminaries out of the way.

Jericho – Hawkins escaped being double crossed, Jake had a truck fall on him and lived (is it just me, or couldn’t someone use that big old truck bed as a lever, and have gotten Jake out sooner?) Ma and Pa get juiced then save our heroes. *yawn* *snork* wha? Yeah, Jericho, you could have been great.

American Idol – The girls are simply in another league. Melinda and Lakisha are from another planet. The boys sang to a virtual tie on DialIdol, the bad news is the Sligh and Sanjaya are both in danger of staying and or leaving. My votes for who goes, Sundance and Sanjaya. Though Phil was pretty darn bad on Tuesday. My pick for the girls leaving Antonella and Haley (I think that is her name), though Antonella may have one more week in her, due to the VFTW effect, and Sabrina may go home, I hope they don’t send Gina home, she at least will bring something different each week, instead of the big three diva-ing it up each week.

Update: called two of the four for leaving, but mentioned all 6 of the bottom 6, so kudos to me. Lets all NOT vote for Sanjaya next week, m’kay?

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Idol Blogging – and then there were 20…

February 28th, 2007 Comments off

Watched the boys last night, and they all improved. Even poor Sanjaya, sadly he didn’t improve near enough for me to care, but he’s riding a wave of popularity the likes that would make Chicken Little blush. I hear Michael Jackson has wild popularity, so whudda thunk. He’ll make the final 12. Which means the spots are down to five that will make it. The other red-shirts might include Sundance riding the cresting wave of VFTW and a cute baby that has hit puberty a bit early. Which means there are only four slots left for boys that can sing, just like Randy said last week. Those, I think will be the two Chris’, Blake and one other, for which I really don’t have a care who is in it, so long as they outlast Sundance and Sanjaya.

The girls are starting, and Simon’s advice is to make sure that the contestants create an image for themselves. Was that Antonella that just hid behind the stanchion in the balcony, because she’s certainly made an image, but it has NOTHING to do with singing. No links from me, but google is really all you need. First up is Gina, who does a rocking rendition of Heart’s Alone. She needs to lose the red streak in her hair, but her pipes work well. I’m time-shifting live blogging, so I’ll hit the other girls as we go.
Read more…

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