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Deadliest Catch

April 14th, 2008 Comments off

Just a reminder to everyone that the fourth season of Deadliest Catch starts Tuesday night, then the following week is All Alaska All THE TIME on the discovery channel.  Dont’ worry, you can still record American Idol, and Lost after watching all the Alaska content live.

You’re welcome.

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Lost mythos etc…

February 22nd, 2008 1 comment

Last night’s Lost revealed another survivor (if he can be considered a survivor, in-utero) that made it off the Island.

Kate’s son, Aaron. Hey, wait! Aaron is Claire’s son, not Kate’s. Well, yes, but we don’t yet know the dark story of what’s befallen Claire, as Miles Straum might say, maybe she never survived the crash. But Kate wasn’t pregnant when she was on the plane, and she was under the watchful eye of the now-dead Marshall, how can she pull off the illusion that Aaron is her son. Well I don’t know, but its seems common knowledge that the ‘world’ sees Aaron as Kate’s; her lawyer wanted him in the courtroom for sympathy; her mother wanted to see her ‘grandson’ with all appearances being that she believed it to be Kate; and Jack has some reluctance in seeing the poor boy post rescue. Could Claire, or what happened to Claire (remember she is Jack’s half-sister) be part of what haunts Jack about the island. Its also fairly clear in Kate’s devotion to (as we know him) her adopted son, that Aaron is the ‘he’ that Kate said would be, “wondering where she is…” at the end of last season. So even while we sprint towards answers there are plenty of new questions popping up.

I’m loving the new pace of how things are moving.

On to some mythos. This weeks allusion to myth is Hurley’s selection of movie, the great muscial Xanadu with a feature song sung by Olivia Newton John. The last time we heard such a song was ‘Road to Shambala‘ by Three Dog Night. Both are semi-mystical places. Wikipedia, though, lists Xanadu as the winter home of Kulbai Kahn, and has no reference to a Xanadu myth (at first perusal). Shambala has a more mystical background, and seems to also call in the topic of Shangri-la, and digging in at Wikipedia on those brings up that Shangri-la was the locale for a 1933 novel by James Hilton titled (get this) Lost Horizon. Read the synopsis, and I gotta believe that J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelhof had some prior exposure to this book while crafting the larger Lost mythos.

Lyrics may have something to play in this as well, besides ONJ’s lyrics (with ELO’s music) the rock band RUSH also had a song with lyrics alluding to KK’s Xanadu.

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TV recaps – delayed

October 9th, 2007 Comments off

Much like Angie’s flight home from California, my weekly TV recaps (my most popular posts that nobody reads) are delayed.

Sunday was hectic, Monday was harried, and I ended up watching MNF, and missed all my normal shows (hopefully still safe on the DVR).  So I’ll have to put the recaps on hold until tonight, maybe the morning.

Much like Angie’s flight, and the non-closing/sealing door that ended up canceling her flight, my work projects might curtail how many shows I can watch, and thus cancel some of the regular shows.   So stay tuned.

Last week was Haiku Week, and I had a lot of fun putting recaps into verse.  This week I’d like to try another twist, and write re-caps in Seussian meter (more properly, anapestic tetrameter) but that might be a tad ambitious for this week.

I still aim to get at least one post up daily.   Also, if your bored with me, you can see what my kids are up to at the is-blogging site.  Updating daily, if not hourly, after school and homework, it seems.

Wednesday Night TV Haikus

October 4th, 2007 4 comments

Kid Nation! Dust Storm!
Mallory cries! Deal With IT!
No Pizza For YOU!

Bionic Woman
Zzzzz! Snork! Huh? Whuzzat?! Boring!
I’ll try ‘nother night.

Pushing Daisies! Wow!
Bright Colors! Brighter Story!
Ned! Chuck! Raise the dead!

On Schedule Tonight

October 2nd, 2007 1 comment

If my words are your words, can you hear my father? – John from Cinncinati

Since y’all admit to not watching ‘my shows’, I’m gonna give you notice in advance. Please study well, there will be a test. On tap for tonight, time willing:

  • Beauty and the Geek – The CW 7PM
  • House – Fox 8PM
  • Reaper – TheCW 8PM

You’ll need to have a dual tuner or two DVRs to keep up on your homework. Late work will be accepted if you need to access alternative viewing means.

image I watched the Pilot for Reaper Saturday night, and I was impressed. The premise is a slacker guy Sam (Bret Harrison)works at The Work Bench (a spoof on The Home Depot) finds out his soul has been sold to the Devil. Upon turning 21, the Devil (played wonderfully by Ray Wise) lets Sam in on the secret, and because of the over-crowding problem in hell, wants Sam to help him track down and send back the damned that have escaped hell.

Though nothing like Dead Like Me, the dark reaper comedy works well, though the reaping reminds me of Danny Phantom. Not entirely a willing servant, Sam decides to do the devil’s bidding to keep the devil from taking his Mom. Sam’s group of friends are funny, Sock (Tyler Rabine) is his irreverent best friend, and he has a crush on Andi (Missy Peregrym – was shapeshifting hero last season)

Each week’s plot will be the tracking and capturing the escaped damned, and depositing them in a portal (which ca be identified as any place like ‘hell-on-earth’, like the DMV). Also Delores from DLM makes a great cameo, on the other side of the reaping fence.

I’m watching it, you should too.

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Fall Addiction…

August 30th, 2006 5 comments

With new shows starting to pop up onto the television screen, I’ve been perusing the fall schedule.

Just browsing, since it doesn’t really kick off for good until well into September, there are a couple of old-standby that kick off next week. House and nip/tuck.

Sunday looks like it will be less ‘must see’, but with The Amazing Race opposite Extreme Home Makeover, TAR might be in the 9 o’clock slot, since Grey’s Anatomy has moved to Thursday. I lost a bit of that ‘desparate’ feeling last season, but will give it another shot. But if it withers more, then it looks more like Sunday Night Football will be the place to be. 😀

Monday night is a bit open with the lack of Primetime Football (well at least not on ABC) we’ll have to go to the dramas. Missed the Vanished premiere last week, but *yawn* .. sorry.. lost my train of thought there. The two known qualities are vying for my attention at 9pm (What About Brian and CSI:Miami – I give the nod to WAB… but I still have a warm place in my heart for Horatio…) New shows that might crack my attention barrier, Heros on NBC at 9 (if for nothing else to not watch Bachelor: Rome, sorry.. but Jen shefted me on that franchise…) looks like it might be worth the time. Deal or No Deal is great pop-corn television (it keeps you busy, but isn’t very filling), and will get the early nod, if I can’t tune to ESPN.

Tuesday looks dry, but House starts next week at 8pm. After that we’ll have to search for distraction, ABC has some sitcoms, I always hear the Veronica Mars buzz… Boston Legal, I enjoy, but eh.. sometimes the whole liberal slant of the show (with Denny Crane filling the conservative buffoon role) just irritates me.

Wednesday. The DVR gets a workout early, since we don’t get back home from church until almost 8pm. Jericho looks cool, I mean nuclear explosions, whats not to like?? Lost starts conspiring at 8pm, with a whole bunch of new loose ends to start gathering up. The Biggest Loser will be on the backup DVR for that slot, I’m certain, and The Nine (post Lost show) might make the radar screen.

Thursday gets busy… (note to self, change men’s night…) Survivor on at 7pm. Grey’s Anatomy, CSI and The OC all at 8pm (counts fingers… one will have to be downloaded, I’m thinking either CSI or The OC, I need another DVR!!!) Six Degrees (the new Abrams drama) starts at 9pm, and will get my attention early.

Friday might give Men in Trees a gander, woman stuck in man-filled Alaska, sounds somewhat interesting. Saturday is DEAD to me. (Oh why can’t some dude realize that some Thursday shows could make it on a Friday night or a Saturday night…)

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