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Vacationing at the Hatch

June 8th, 2009 3 comments

For those not following my @LOST_WFTB twitterfeed, we’ve shifted to an undisclosed location for a little vacay.  So when we got here, I got setup to work from our vacation hut (aka Grandpa and Auntie’s house.

It’s TOTALLY AWESOME.  It’s a HATCH… I need some Dharma labels to trick it out, but here are some photos for a tour. (click to embiggify)


View from my workstation.  Note the concrete construction and eerie lighting. I haven’t noticed any magnetic anomalies, but that’s cuz Locke stole my compass. 




Here is a view out the back entrance of the hatch.  Note the black shirted others.  They may be aligned with Smokie.  Investigating.





Around the corner are shelves full of provisions! I’m not gonna tell Hurley about this, or he’ll tell Dave, and once Dave knows, EVERYONE will know.





This is my computer setup, dual screen greatness.  Note the VPN FOB above the keyboard this is important to be able to periodically punch in the numbers to communicate with Mittelos while on wokring vacay.




Here is an alternate shot looking back at my workspace.  The others stopped by to watch a movie, but I chased them out so I could do the important work of saving the world, brutha. An upgrade from Super8, I think I may do my re-watching from that chair.




The hatch even has an exercise station.  I had to chase this other off of it, incase he hurt himself, I haven’t found the first aid-kit yet.  I haven’t found the armory either, but I’ll be sure to change the combination one I find it to keep the others out.


Namaste and 4 8 15 16 23 42

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