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WFTB – Week one puzzle

May 24th, 2009 Comments off

We all had a good time watching the first 5 episodes over this past week.  This morning I was inspired by a fellow tweeter to mix it up a bit and add some fun to this challenge of our to watch the whole thing.  It’s supposed to be fun.  So here is a simple little puzzle for you.

The following six screencaps (label them A-F left to right top to bottom) are from S1E4 – Walkabout.  The challenge is to put them in the correct order.

This is a two part question:

  1. Label them in the order they appeared in the episode (HINT: screen cap D was the first to appear so that would be D1)
  2. Label them in the order they occured in the larger time line (HINT in this case D3)

Send me your answers in a twitter DM (d LOST_WFTB).

Locke156 Locke467Locke971
Locke722 Locke276 Locke231

Also in the comments or tweet anything special you see in the screen caps.  For instance Screen cap E has something hiding in plain site that gives away Locke’s condition before the final scene in the sequence shown below the fold.

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WFTB – S1E5 – White Rabbit – Twee-cap

May 23rd, 2009 Comments off

Reprinted with permission from

White Rabbit is a Jack centric episode, that tell two stories.  The first is about his relationship with his father and the second it about his relationship with his father. Bah! Well kinda.  The flashbacks flip back to Jack as a kid, and continue to his getting on the plane in Sydney with his father in a coffin.  On Island Jack is feeling the pressure of being the leader, and not sleeping very well, and still haunted by the death of his father.  The survivors are caught up in the quest for drinking water, and it all starts going Lord of the Flies until the ending scene.

Last night’s Live Tweet was well attended, but we had some technical difficulties.  Twitter search went down about an hour before our viewing started, then didn’t come back up until after the viewing ended.  This pretty much left us using the All Friend Feed to follow the conversation, rather than being able to rely on the #s1e5 hash tag in search to filter out non-live watchers.  I made a PDF of mine to use as a transcript of the live tweet.  You can read the whole thing here. S1E5 WhiteRabbit LiveTweet Transcript

One WFTBer, MollyFaraday escaped the curse of the broken search by live tweeting the episode early, so you can see her thoughts here.

The rest of the Live Tweeters were: @LOST_WFTB, @ccollinsmith, @batchout, @DieCer, @KatGirl44, @ASHATL, @kristin_madeja, @justinkeyes, @bejaedblost

This time I asked for some summary tweets in #LOST140 format, but I didn’t get a lot of those.  So I’m gonna write a re-cap, then add some of the tweets at the end.  Read the transcripts.

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LOST_WFTB White Rabbit s1e5 Live Tweet

May 22nd, 2009 Comments off
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SO, What’s the POINT of LOST_WFTB?

May 22nd, 2009 Comments off

lost_wftb Good question! Thanks, for asking it.

The point of LOST_WFTB is, of course to watch all of ABC’s stellar drama LOST from the very beginning. However, I’ve come to see a few more points that this group is fulfilling.

The next best thing to watching LOST, is talking about LOST.  I won’t go into how much productivity gets lost on the morning after a show, because I think the relationships formed between fans is pretty important.  All the blogs, message board, wikis, podcasts, and vlogs both by major media outlets (Doc Jensen’s Weekly EW column for instance) and by blogging hobbiest (me. and many many others in the long tail), testify there is something more to the experience of LOST than simply watching.

So that’s was the genus of the group, the beginning of the live tweets, (and oh, btw, did I mention the facebook group?) was to find ways to connect re-watching with fans, the normal people that watch the show.

Now, I need to walk down another point.  Providing an opportunity for potential LOSTians to get connected. You know, those poor people that either haven’t watched, or got distracted along the way (I’m looking at YOU Season 3.) and want to get re-engaged in the LOST experience. 

So, here I’m gonna put it in your hands.  I’m re-watching (emphasis on the RE) all of LOST, and I’ve seen every episode, so my Live Tweets are gonna be a minefield for first time viewers.  The challenge is to have one of you (looking at you @DieCer) to step up and have some kind of event to re-hash episode with first time watchers, or those distracted along the way.  I’ll provide whatever help I can, and I promise to behave if I attend one of your events and not spoil everything. 

As always the comments are open for you to tell me where I got it wrong.


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LOST – Watching from the Beginning

May 18th, 2009 2 comments

Okay, the final installment of season 5 Lost was awesome.  I LOVED the opening scene with the dialog between Jacob and HeWhoShallNotBeNamed (Esau/Smokey/Blackshirt/Man #2).

I loved the final words between Ben and Jacob:

Ben, “What about me?”

Jacob, “What about you?”

The white flash can mean anything (like every other season finale we know nothing)

So instead of troubling myself on predictions and such.  I’m going to review the whole series.

I did the math, 101 episodes roughly 260 days before season six kicks off.  That’s an episode about every other day. 

If you’ve been following me (@jstueve) on twitter, like @ccollinsmith, @ASHATL and others, this is old news.  But if you’re just picking this up, or want to pitch in, I’ll keep this place as a holder.

We’ve loosely decided to to watch an episode every 48 hours.  That might change as we go, but it does allow for wriggle room along the way.  So for now here is the initial few episodes to watch.

This past weekend watch the pilot (S1E01-E02) not too late to catch up, its just two hours long, and still a wonderful two hours of television.

The schedule for the next couple of episodes are as follows:

  • Today: S1E03 – Tabula Rasa
  • Wednesday (May 29th) – Walkabout

I’ll post more blog posts about the schedule as we go along.  Feel free to register and follow along, post theories, thoughts observations.  Join us on Twitter with the hashtag #WFTB. 

UPDATE:  I hear that SciFi channel is re-airing season 1 episodes this week in the evening (@Yelwrose) so that might be a good place to get some episodes re-DVRd.  Grab the box sets, or other alternative ways of getting the episodes and watch with us.

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