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to the world… I’m sooo tired… fighting this alergy, and then not getting more than 3 hours of sleep last night has left me feeling a little punch drunk.

The training is going well, I’m very much a convert of Participant Centered Training.    The things we shared and discovered today, has re-inspired me to think about how I teach Sunday School.  Trying to be more participant challenged is more work in the preparation, but I think it yields better results on Sunday morning, because the process imediately involves people, and builds the sense of partnership in learning.  Which will pay dividends with guests visiting, I think.

Tradional SS is so lecture centric, and then discussions are easily mis-directed or dominated by the few that are willing to talk to the larger group.  We tried small discussion groups before, but they weren’t focused on the participant, but more on a facilitator asking questions, which is no different really than the lecture mode.

So I’m going to try something different come week from Sunday, try to build a framework of participant-centered chunks of content that re-inforces the biblical principle we are learning.  Still working off the Lifeway materials, but really focusing on a pattern that is more VBS-like than traditional SS.

Or maybe I’m ust hopped up on the Claratin.

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My nose is going to fall right off…

August 23rd, 2006 1 comment

Either that or blast across the room with an enormous ACHooOOOWEEEE.

I sure hope it is alergies, rather than some spooky biological warefare agent (aka the common cold). Regardless, I’ll be the one down here snippy and blowing my nose all day.

This is day one of Bob Pike Certification Training for the group I work with, this will be the third or fourth time I’ve done a workshop, and they are always fun and thought provoking. I fear after a while it will become old hat.

For the unitiatied, I’ll leave you with Bob Pike’s Laws of Adult Learning.

  • Adults are babies with big bodies.
  • People don’t argue with their own data.
  • Learning is directly proportional to the amount of fun you have.
  • Learning has not taken place until behavior has changed.
  • Fu Wu, Wu Yu, Wzu Tu Yu *

* Roughly translated this means: Momma’s having it or Papa’s having it ain’t like baby having it. (or, the best way of knowing you’ve learned something is when you can teach it to others.)

UPDATE: Clartin-D seems to have an effect. and.. CROSSWORD PUZZLE … *ergahd not a simple NYTimes one…but a training jargon one… designed as a learning aid, which is just silly… brilliant.

UPDATE 2: No sneezing since ~9am, so the allergy scenario seems most likey, so call off the Homeland Secuirty dogs…

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