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September 2nd, 2006 2 comments

A couple of things on Digg

Windows Vista Versus XP Pricing


Ubuntu Edgy Eft Knot 2 Is Out

While everyone else has to decide whether or not to shell out their cash to Microsoft (which, I’m not knocking, from many aspects the decision to go Microsoft is a good decision) I’ll be hapily using Ubuntu (free!)  (DISCLAIMER: Edgy is the development version, it won’t be ready for prime time until October)

One of the things I like about Ubuntu, is that it is constantly under development.  I started using Dapper (the current stable/supported version) when it was in development, and I just recently shifted over to Edgy (a couple of random commands, and the operating system upgraded itself) and I continue to get new packages daily as the developers work on the system.  I ‘contribute’ back to the community by submitting bug-reports and participating in the Community Forums.

As to the discussion in the XP pricing document has it compared to the pricing for OSX.   I’ll just remind people that Ubuntu can be run on both Apple architectures, and has even added Sun’s Sparc to its line of compatible processors.

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Gig’em Horns!!!

September 2nd, 2006 2 comments

or something like that…

Blogging will be light this afternoon and evening (I know… I know, why should today be any different) as the family ventures to Blogospeer Central for a get-together-geek-out-bbq-feast-football extravaganza.

I’m slowly being surrounded by Aggies, last night we ate hot-wings and played board games with our new pals, Michael and Natalie and their sweet young boys. Food was delicious and we had a good time playing balderdash and compatibility. We are trying the ‘power of the pack‘ with toddlers, since their boys seem to act nice and peaceful when they are around our large brood. We sent one of our pack leaders, Brenna, to a friends house for the night, so the rehabilitation may have been limited. Here at Casa de Stueve, we rehabilitate toddlers and train parents. *guffaw*
Another reason for light blogging, I’m teaching Sunday School in the morning, so I need to finish prepping for that, and get organized so we can get out the door early in the morning. We are also on tap to bring breakfast so I need to get prepped for that.

But looking forward to an afternoon geek-out, BBQ and Aggie Football!!!! (though I still love Oregon State – No one licks our Beavers!!!!)