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Heroes – the catchup post

November 21st, 2006 2 comments

See.. this is why I didn’t signup to be a full time recapper.  I suck at it…

Two weeks behind, but to put it succiently, the question is: Did we save the right Cheerleader?

Two really good episodes, that I could opine on for a good while, and it boils down to that.  We’ll find out next week what happened to birthday Hiro, and if DL can dodge bullets. Sylar is in HRG-Dad custody, Eve has the power of suggestion (wink at Mohinder), Mohinder finds a dream-whisperer, and Claire survives homecoming.  Firestarter Ted and Matt and the FBI were absent this week, but will raise their ugly heads next I’m sure.  Isaac is back on the juice, thanks to HRG-Dad’s paranoia.  Isaac’s paintings foretold everything that happened last night, its just that Peter, beside sucking everyone else’s powers in, is a really bad arranger.  Nathan is a jerk, hope his wife dumps him.  Ando really likes his coffee, so long as they keep the sugar coming.

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