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November 27th, 2006 1 comment

We all knew it would happen sooner or later… Farewell VHS, one doesn’t expect to outlive childhood technology.  Oh how I loved you, even with a wired remote, and the flashing clock thing.  (I know it wasn’t you’re fault, you being just the media, not the console, but you two were practically inseparable in life, and, hopefully, flashing clock will soon die as well.)

I know.. I’m a dark and twisty type of guy.

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November 27th, 2006 1 comment

Must post something, so I’ll opine about a good weekend of football.

Turkey Day, watched the ‘Boys romp on Tampa Bay and now all the kids in town are talking like its 1995 all over again.  I moved to the DFW area in 1999, so I missed all that.  Though I lived in Monterey when the Niners won it all in 1994, and in Rhode Island when the Big Tuna coached the Pats in 1996-97 (With Beldsoe and Glenn mind you).  It is kinda cool to feel the vibe in a town with the team doing really well.  Teams that replace Drew Beldsoe with an unknown do fairly well. *snark*

Friday, I taped the UT-A&M game for Matt.  *yawn*  Then waited on pins and needles for the real game to start, and The Mighty Beavers whipped the wimpy ducks in a sodden Reser Field.  Whoop!  So far a pretty good weekend, and I’m really not used to good football weekends.  I grew up a Seattle fan when Jim Zorn was pitching, and enjoyed the San Diego Chargers, and went to school at Oregon State in the late 80s (good for basketball, not so much for football) so I’m aquainted with sadness.

I was actually rooting for the hated Trojans in their tilt against the Irish, mostly because since the Beavs beat the surferdoods, a win by the Trojans enhances their cred come bowl selection time, and also beacause I despise the Irish a bit more than the Trojans.  Boy, the Trojans looked really good in that game, if they go head up on Ohio State, the Buckeyes better buck up.

A good day also on Sunday, for my fantasy team at least.  Going into tonights Seattle-Green Bay matchup I’m up 82 points on my competition.  If that holds (he has a Seattle receiver and the Seattle D, I think I’m safe) then I think I’ll lock up a playoff berth for my fantasy league.  (hear that Tony!  Whoot!)

Danny has gotten bit by the football bug, and has been tossing around a little toy football, or a larger stuffed version.  We played a bit of catch outside yesterday, while the weather was nice, and before we turned the house around… or actually all the furniture inside the house.  Time to deck the halls.  GO SEAHAWKS

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