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Survivor – Two fer

November 17th, 2006 1 comment

Wow, good episode, mostly because Aitu completely rocks in the challenges, the retribution factor runs high in that tribe, and their focused attention to the tasks that challenge them just brings it.  The frat-boy, sorority-girl tribe of Raro just can’t keep up.  Jonathan, bless his heart, understands how desperate the situation is, and it absolutely right, the tribe needs to grow up.

Nate who was a confident prick last episode is sobbing now, as he realizes his situation.  The injection of the genie bottle at the immunity challenge really messed up everyone’s game.  Aitu who was in the  position of win or die would have been decimated had they lost.  I wonder if the producers had two bottles on the contingency that Aitu lost, or if Aitu really would have had to vote off two people.

The ashen faces of Raro were priceless as Parvarti read off the note inside the bottle, you’ve voted off one person, now you’ll vote off another.  The Cracker alliance stayed solid and the once over-confident Raro is clearly split.  There is a multi-ethnic four person alliance in Aitu, and a 4-1 alliance in Raro.  If they merge, and given Jeff’s statement at TC, perhaps doubtful, Aitu could pick up Nate and Raro could be picked off one by one.  Regardless, I think Yul and Ozzie have the best position at the moment, their performance in the challenges reminds me of Tom and Ian back in Pulau.

My, my, my how the proud have fallen… Raro falls from an 8-4 majority after Candace’s mutiny to a thin 5-4 spread, with at least two people ripe for the picking (Jonathan wouldn’t want to coddle the school kids he’s now attached to, and Nate has to feel close to betrayed after last night’s two-fer.  Wonder if they’ll let Aitu pick one more off, then offer another chance at a mutiny, and see who comes over then.  That would be interesting.  I give up on predicting, because this season clearly anything goes (that said, merge next week, you heard it here first… :D).

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*Hangs head*

November 17th, 2006 1 comment

from the quiz-queen, Jen.

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Lordship – the horse flogging begins…

November 16th, 2006 Comments off

I blogged tangentially on Phil Johnson’s Lordship series in my post ‘Morphin’ Time…‘. Last night I wrapped up my class that surveyed John Ortberg’s The Life You’ve Always Wanted. Today Phil has posted the last of the Lordship series and an open post for any doubters/debators to keep on whaling on the horse that has died. I’m linking to the comments thread, because the meat of the discussion takes place there, regardless of where you stand on the ‘Lordship debate’, I think it is a good read, and to hear the Lordship debate story from Phil’s insider perspective is edifying.

This series I’ve continued to read as I continued to prepare for my class and other limited teaching duties, and it provided a good anchor point to many of the themes in the lighter topics of TLYAW. The class I taught had a few ‘new’ Christians, and the perspective of Lordship, I believe, is an important tact to cover with newer converts, and always a good anchor to hit with more mature believers as well. I don’t consider it a coincidence in the timing of how things were written.
Anyhoo, this is a two-purpose post, one to get a Blogspotting link from Team Pyro, and the other fulfills my NaBloPoMo responsibilities for today. 😀

I are a gradudate.

November 15th, 2006 1 comment
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thanks Jen

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Well at least it isn’t like San Dimas.

November 14th, 2006 Comments off
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from Jen.

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Mawwiage and the art of perserverence…

November 13th, 2006 2 comments

David Wayne (aka Jollyblogger) has a post citing Marriage statistics.  The old saw the last few years is that the divorce rate from evangelicals is roughly equal to (and sometimes worse than) the national average.  This new post states that instead of just counting those that cite a ‘born again’ experience as proof of their evangelical creds, it also counts those that attend church regularly.  When that additional data point is added to the equation, the sturdiness of the evangelical marriage stands up a bit better than the national average.

While I think trying to use statistics to prove a faithful life is somewhat of a folly, the point I’d like to ponder is a long those same lines.  The power of attending church as a factor in persevering in a life in Christ.  My class this last Sunday we talked about Christ as being the light of the world, the light that casts our darkness.  In my Thursday class we talked about science and the shakiness of special and general revelation as we see through the glass darkly.  In all the exposure of regular attendance in church seems to have a mystical effect on those that express a faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  It isn’t something that we can test for, or monitor, it is something we can see if we look close enough.

The darkness will try to hide it in the shadows, but faith in Christ isn’t a faith that occurs in solitude.  It is  faith that grows in community, with a body of other believers.  It is a faith that grows with the study of the Word of God, and that requires the body of Christ to and the Holy Spirit as guides along our course.  The statistic regarding lower divorce rates of evangelical, church attending Christians is lower, because their marriage includes Christ in that union.  The wheels come off when one starts to think that the marriage can be whole apart from Christ.  The relationship is held together by the working of Christ.

I don’t want to discount faithful people that are devoted to Christ yet still see their marriages fall into divorce.  There is healing for people hurt in that tragedy.  I have faith that Christ even works towards the good in that situation as he does with a couple that struggles in a marriage that includes weekly worship in a church.  The magic isn’t in the building, it isn’t in the work, it is in the understanding that where two or more are together, Christ is present.  The faithful obedience of people that fall almost daily, but are willing to walk inside the door and confess those failings, are more able to accept the failings of themselves, and also of their spouse.  The humilty that comes with a life in servanthood to Christ is required in a covenant of holy matrimony, because it can freely accept the fallenness of a partner, because we acknowledge our own fallen state, and the light that brings us out of the darkness.


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Woo! Number ONE!

November 12th, 2006 Comments off

After 10 weeks of grueling fantasy football, I’m set to take sole possession of first place with a record of 8 wins and 2 losses.  Last week I dropped into a two-way tie, but if things hold, I’ll win this week, and he’ll lose.  So with four weeks left, I’m in prime position to make it to the playoffs.

Any Tony, LAUGHED… who’s laughing now?!

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Man of Faith…

November 11th, 2006 Comments off


“You’re not going crazy, Jack. Crazy people don’t think they’re getting crazy. They think they’re getting saner.”

You are John Locke. You are skilled, intelligent, fearless, secretive, and most likey totally insane. You manipulate those around you to get what you think the island wants. Sure, you’ll find Walt’s dog for him and kill a wild boar or two, but what you’re after are some real answers. You’ve looked into the eye of that island. And what you saw was beautiful. Just let us know what it is sometime, alright?

Your polar opposite is: Walt. You are similar to: Sawyer and Jack.

Link: The Which Lost Character Are You Test written by ack_attack on Ok Cupid

Survivor – Mutiny

November 10th, 2006 2 comments

If you haven’t been watching Survivor, you missed probably one of the most serious shake-up of the normal strategy of the show.  If you have been watching Survivor, I think you’d agree that this year has had some of the most interesting twists and turns in many a year.  Spoilers and strategery below the fold. Read more…

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Lost – I do

November 9th, 2006 Comments off

Not a bad episode, I’m gonna recap it ala my last Heroes post, then add some questions and theories at the end, or maybe in the middle, and say goodbye to Lost until February *weep*

Previously on Lost: Henry’s plan has gotten shot since Jack knows he’s sick.

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(the rest is in that other part of the post…) Read more…

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