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Punishing ABC…

January 11th, 2007 1 comment

Since they dumped Day Break, I’ve wondered what I can do to punish them more in the ratings game.  Since they STILL haven’t made good their ‘promise’ (like that word means anything to ABC *pitooie*) to make the rest of the season available via streaming online, I’m doubly irritated.  It’s like reading a novel getting to the really good part, then having your friend toss it in the fire.

So Wednesday will now be ‘Beauty and the Geek‘ night*.

That’ll show them, my valuable veiwing hours going to The CW.  Besides Beauty and the Geek is quality television.  Like a grand mix between The Real World and Deal or No Deal.  And besides it makes fun of both geeks (who really don’t mind being made fun of) and beauties (who really don’t realize they are being made fun of).

Last night was a good second episode of the season, the approach the two types make in the challenges is interesting.  The geeks treat it as a competition, and haven’t fallen into cliques.  The beauts see it all as a popularity contest, and clique-dom rules, but the ones that actually try to succeed in the challenges get off’d by the popular cliquettes.

* At least until LOST gets back on the air, then I’ll come crawling home like the pathetic LOst-geek I AM.  But just to spite LOST, I’ll still record BatG. :p

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