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May 24th, 2007 4 comments

first a nitpick.  If your on an island and you walk along the shore with the ocean on your right, the only way the ocean ends up on your left is if you turn around.  Yeah, I’m looking at you Damon.

Thoughts on the bigger picture.  Lost, in my opinion has largely been about the dilemma of faith and reason.  Much like the first season finale’s name ‘Man of Science Man of Faith’, Jack Shepherd and John Locke personify those two supposedly separate people.  Lost’s hangup of name dropping a virtual who’s who of philosophers and the panorama of literary references often explore the dichotomy of faith/reason, free-will/fate, etc…

The first three season of Lost have focused on getting to the point of rescue, and the exploration of ‘fate’ in describing and detailing our favorite castaways lives.  Some accept their fate and enjoy their new digs, Locke & Rose for example.  Others desperately try anything to escape the island Jack, Sayid.  The rest fall somewhere in the middle neither thrilled with being lost, nor rejecting the idea of rescue.  Locke’s journey has been an exploration of faith, or accepting his situation and finding the best way to realize it.  This season he’s been somewhat militant in trying to force his view that the island is the best place for them by systematically destroying everything that can aid in a rescue.  Jack journey this year has been trying to find someway off the island that he sees as being counter to his whole life.  He rebels and forces Ben to provide him a way home, though foiled by Locke’s interference, then left behind when Locke went with the Others, Jack has wanted desperately to escape, never happy with accepting his fate, or having faith that crashing and surviving on the island had ‘meaning’.  Through the lens of Locke’s actions this year, I think Ben’s deceptions begin to make sense.  He is also on the side of accepting fate, and living on the island where faith in its powers is somehow rewarding.

The game changing rattlesnake in the mailbox flash-forward of last episode, closely mirrors last seasons’ finale when Locke faced his dilemma of faith in the button pressing, and realizing that he wasn’t entirely wrong to blindly press the button.  Jack is shown to struggle in the present day, because of his decision to force the rescue of the survivors against the better (arguably) judgement of both Ben and Locke.  Things didn’t turn out as rosy as he had reasoned, and now he wants to go back to the glory days of the island, having power and leading (often rashly) other people.

I expect in the last three seasons this thread between ultimate faith, and extreme reason will continue with a happy middle being where both Jack and Locke end up.  Maybe opening a bar up in Cabo or  Key West.

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Totally Called It…

May 24th, 2007 1 comment

Well I didn’t call that our next American Idol would be Jordin Sparks, but DialIdol certainly alluded to that despite our desparate dialing for Blake that upped his votes by something around 500, yer welcome B-man.

I’m talking about LOST.  Totally called that the finale would be all on-island flashbacks.  I won’t go further in case you haven’t watched, and don’t want to be spoiled.  But for me, it was worth staying up until 2am.

What am I in college?  Totally Feeling IT too.

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