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Hello new office, same as the old office

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except with a different view…

19-09-07_1136Old view: Central Expressway (US-75) southbound dominates the view, with a small field, and parking lot (sometimes fun to watch the coppers nab the speeders on the road that parallels the expressway. Beyond that, I can sometimes see the Dallas skyline, and any weather that approaches from the south.

19-09-07_1147 New View: The building next door dominates the view, with Old Glory standing watch. View of the park and water features across the road, and the loop near our office park. Northern view means less sunlight, and if I look off to the left, ad squint I can see the steeple of my church. Lots and lots of water towers too.

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Beauty and the Geek – Its a diamond in the rust.

September 19th, 2007 2 comments

Last night was the two hour season premiere of Beauty and the Geek (season 4).  

In the first our, It got the whole AI national tour looking for prospective geeks.  Last year’s surprising couple Nate and JennyLee made some of the tour spots, and helped to interview the prospective cast members.  One funny moment was their initial stop in Arkansas… Jenny Lee filing her nails with a CW branded nail file, outside with a totally empty line, and Nate just hanging out waiting for someone to show up.  (eventually they did find a cast member in Arkansas, Shay… not surprisingly she was the least smart of the beauties)  One thing I like about the show, is that it doesn’t take its self too seriously.

Looks like we’ll have a great bunch of geeks and beauties, with one surprise coupling a girl geek and a male beauty that were a surprise to everyone else.  They were matched by the producers, and the male will compete with the rest of the beauties in the ‘intellect tests’ and the girl will compete with the rest of the geeks in the ‘pop culture’ inspired challenges.

Should be a fun season, be sure to watch Tuesdays on The CW

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T’is Talk Likea Pirate Day…

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So Pirate-gy your blog and use the Text Filter Suite plugin to make all ye posts honor this wonderful day.

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