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beware the cinco de mayo…

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Also what do 3, 3 and 9 have in common.

Cinco de Mayo means birthday in the Stueve household. Danny turned 9 (9?!?!??!? yep, nine!) So we went to our increasingly traditional birthday dinner joint, Pei Wei, which given the traditional holiday atmosphere in the southwest on this day was surprisingly empty when we hit the joint shortly after 5PM.

Quick dinner, and back home to open presents, drum machine and lego blocks what else does a 9 year old need. So an hour or so of drum sounds and 30 minutes of putting together Indy Jones lego set, and then it was time for me to take 3 of our kids to the after dark pediatrician.

Yeah, you heard right, 3. The non-birthday Stueve’s staged a mini-revolt and wanted a medical review. After we stormed the waiting room, and then gave the nurses a chance to practice triage techniques, we holed up in an exam room to await the doc. In our case it was a nurse practitioner, and after two swabs and a positive ear infection, we grabbed our three scripts for antibiotics and headed for the pharmacy. Yep, we hit the bacterial trifecta: MJ – strep (win), Brenna – ear infection (place), and Lauren – uncategorized infection (show) (aka pre-strep).

So Jonny will take tomorrow off and sleep all day with three sick kids, and the birthday boy gets to go to school by hissef. I wonder if he’ll mind walking? 😉

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