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LOST_WFTB White Rabbit s1e5 Live Tweet

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SO, What’s the POINT of LOST_WFTB?

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lost_wftb Good question! Thanks, for asking it.

The point of LOST_WFTB is, of course to watch all of ABC’s stellar drama LOST from the very beginning. However, I’ve come to see a few more points that this group is fulfilling.

The next best thing to watching LOST, is talking about LOST.  I won’t go into how much productivity gets lost on the morning after a show, because I think the relationships formed between fans is pretty important.  All the blogs, message board, wikis, podcasts, and vlogs both by major media outlets (Doc Jensen’s Weekly EW column for instance) and by blogging hobbiest (me. and many many others in the long tail), testify there is something more to the experience of LOST than simply watching.

So that’s was the genus of the group, the beginning of the live tweets, (and oh, btw, did I mention the facebook group?) was to find ways to connect re-watching with fans, the normal people that watch the show.

Now, I need to walk down another point.  Providing an opportunity for potential LOSTians to get connected. You know, those poor people that either haven’t watched, or got distracted along the way (I’m looking at YOU Season 3.) and want to get re-engaged in the LOST experience. 

So, here I’m gonna put it in your hands.  I’m re-watching (emphasis on the RE) all of LOST, and I’ve seen every episode, so my Live Tweets are gonna be a minefield for first time viewers.  The challenge is to have one of you (looking at you @DieCer) to step up and have some kind of event to re-hash episode with first time watchers, or those distracted along the way.  I’ll provide whatever help I can, and I promise to behave if I attend one of your events and not spoil everything. 

As always the comments are open for you to tell me where I got it wrong.


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