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Lost Petition – Bleg

January 8th, 2010 1 comment

What’s next for the petition?  After a week’s worth of internet flurry with mentions from here to there across many sites, I need to find something to DO with this petition.  My goal is to get to 5000 signatures then get the Petition printed out in a neat format and sent to a friend in Hawaii that will take it to the LOST On the Beach premiere.

PetitionOnline provides a printing service at the low rate of one red cent per signature. Which is nice to know, but my pocketbook currently lacks red cents (or blue cents, or green cents, or …) that isn’t already allocated to the needs of a 6 member family.

So I’ve plopped a PayPal Donate button over in the sidebar ————————>

If you feel led to donate, I’ll make sure all proceeds go towards the printing costs for the petition and shipping to Hawaii in time for the gala opening.  If I can’t get that level of support, I’ll keep the petition open for another LOST event down the road when my pocketbook is more able to handle the heavy lifting.

If through your generous donations, the giving exceeds the need, my plan is to send the remaining funds as a donation to my church’s youth group mission fund, to support summer camps and the like later this year.

Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm for this petition.

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