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LOST Watch From The Beginning

May 19th, 2009 Comments off

This is reprinted with permission from my post at

I feel a bit like I’m building an airplane while flying it, I just hope I’m more like Frank Lapidus than Seth Norris.

Shortly after the season five finale of LOST I made the decision to watch all the episodes from LOST again from start to finish. I shared that desire on Twitter and found a number of people also wanted to do the same thing. In a quest for the shared experience, I charged forward enthusiastically.

Then I did the math. *gulp*

LOST has 101 episodes. With an expected start time for Season 6 around the first part of January, that give us roughly 260 days to finish our quest. Divide 260 by 100 and thats an average of 2.6 days per episode.

Okay, that’s do able, but we’d better get started. So this past weeked some of us started watching and got through the pilot at roughly the same time. Then yesterday we had our first live tweet of episode 3 (Tabula Rasa) which was great fun. The experience of re-watching and re-sharing thoughts and theories of with like-minded fans is exciting. Though the format of twitter is made for this instant sharing, it has a drawback in coherence.

So I thought I’d start a blog to summarize the experience. Thanks to TheLOSTBlog an opportunity was made available.

So here we go, here is your opportunity to share in the experience and burn off the 7 long months til we get to the other side of the WhiteFlash.

What you need: A source to watch the episodes. Order the DVDs from Amazon, but them from Walmart, get them from Netflix, record re-airing off SciFi, or whatever alternative source you might be able to access.

What will help: Get a twitter account and follow @LOST_WFTB and @TheLostBlog; or search for the hashtag #WFTB (stands for Watch From The Beginning – really, be glad I don’t screenwrite.) And join the conversation.

What’s the schedule: We’re going to give ourselves 48 hours to watch an episode. Sunday is a day of rest (or catchup if your schedule gets interrupted). Live tweets for an episode will occur in the 48 hour period. So roughly Monday, Wednesday, Friday there will be some event (might go on Thursday night for you people with a real life). If you can’t make a live tweet, feel free to add a twee-cap (recap in twitterese) just include the #LOST and #WFTB hash tags. I’ll post any schedule updates from the LOST_WFTB account as we go along. (Flexibility is key, tell me if something needs to change.)

Who all is playing: me (@jstueve) and a few others. I’ll add them as they give me permission to announce them on this blog.

Okay, so cool, what else?: Well to add some coherence, I’m going to edit/condense/collate the live tweets and twee-caps into a blog post. Whether that is a 3 times a week or a weekly summary is left to be seen. But I think its important to give some chronology to the effort.

What do we get out of it: This should be self-explanatory. 🙂 You get to relive all 101 awesome episodes of the best show ever. AND share it with people (the best part in my opinion). So really I don’t see a downside.

So, read, signup for twitter, wait for more blog posts and get involved.

I look forward to completing this airplane real fast so we can fly it right.

Next up: Season 1 – Episode 4 Walkabout on Wednesday – Live Tweet 10PM CST – hashtag #LOST #WFTB

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