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September 8th, 2006 2 comments

Another topic drilled into me this month is the 90-20-8 (URI) rule.

This states that Adults can:

  • Listen with Understanding for 90 minutes
  • Listen with Retention for 20 minutes
  • Desire Involvement every 8 minutes

That last bullet, I have a hard time remembering how it is stated. But the rules are common in lots of different places, the timing of recess at school, movies are generally ~90 minutes, if longer the audience grows restless (kids movies are always around 90 minutes). Television shows rarely go more than 20 minutes without a commercial, probably if we put a timer on it, a scene in television will rarely go past 8 minutes.

So this is becoming a mantra, especially when planning for a class, or a training ‘event’ (eLearning, Webinar, etc). Then I’m reading around today, and find this article at 43Folders.

Ultradian Rhythms & the 20-minute Break

Which talks about the need for a 20 minute break around every 90 minutes to help ‘balance the ultradians’ or some such.  It quote this guy as saying basically, ‘Heed the 90 minute rule or risk getting sick.’   I’m not going all crystal-newagey on y’all, but there might be some substance to that.  I know that the 90-20-8 rule works in the classroom.  May as well try to link it to my work habits.  Who knows I may become productive.

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